See You Around!

Friday, May 05, 2017

22 days a month, a consistency that runs throughout a year.  If you asked me if I'm gonna miss you, well. Let's just say that..

I can't enter the floor because it feels sad and nostalgic, empty chairs reminded me your uncertainty about the seat plan. And I can't eat at McDonald's for the same reasons, it reminded me of you. 

We shared hundreds of memories and I can still hear your laughs and the mockeries from your mouth. 

If you asked me if I'm gonna miss you. Let's just say that, for some weird reasons, I re-read our conversations to remember that you were all part of my life. Up and downs, teases and laughter, waiting for each other and surviving up to the end. 

It's just sad to know that you're not my office mates anymore but it's amazing to know that who I used to call office mates, became my really close friends. We shared tons of stories and helped each other make resolution.

You were asking processes, talking about escalations. We now talk about decisions and life. If you ask me if I'm gonna miss you, well. Let's just say that...

14 months, together with the bridges that we've built... It's gonna be difficult, for sure.

See you around then?



Baguio Trip

Friday, May 05, 2017

Apologies for the late post!

So, yeah. We went to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City! And if I haven't discussed it here, well. Here you go. We have planned for at least 4 out of town travels this year.  So far, we have Mt. Batulao in Batangas now, in Baguio and this May in Ilocos. 

I'm super pumped with this trip as I used my brand new camera! The Canon Vixia Mini X. And this is the footage that I took, compiled it altogether, added some transition and some background music.

It was a very rough day since it's a day tour only. I don't have words for now, you can just enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel! HAHAHA! :)



Canon Vixia Mini X

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I tried to mimic this device by requesting a Clip lens on a Christmas wishlist 2 years ago because I have no money to purchase the original. But last Sunday. My dream became a reality.

I'm really excited to create something using this Camera. I've been using my Microsoft Lumia 640 XL when recording my vlogs and travel videos, and let me know who gets a camera upgrade. Yey! 

Here's a video sample, this is when we're at Chatime right after purchasing this product. And I'm not sorry about my silliness. 

Main reason that I chose this camera? Design. Fish-eye lens. Great audio. 

Full specification here.


All about her

Keyboards and Screens

Monday, March 27, 2017

I was browsing my Google drive and came across a photo. It was from 2012, when I was still hiding my feelings from her.

Everything had changed since that day, but I still look at her the same way. I became more and more comfortable with her but yes, I still respect her. I may not be that proactive as before but I still put together things just to make her happy.

We just celebrated our 17th month together and there's this thing that I've realized, when there's no one to run into when I have problems, she perfectly interprets one of my favorite Stellar Kart song, "Me and Jesus" as the chorus declares "You got me and Jesus by your side..". 

Because I got her, I got Jesus. 

And this is the part of the blog that everything will be transformed into a cheesy line by using a lot of "thank you" and appreciative lines. 

Thank you for always reminding me to bring my payong.
Thank you for inspiring me for less root beer and more gulay.
Thank you for being mad at me whenever I miss a Sunday service.
Thank you for every moment na di mo ko matiis.
Thank you for including me in your future plans.
Thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws.
Thank you for every time that you utter a prayer for me. 

And yes, I appreciate all of that.. 

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All about her

Love, Anonymous.

Monday, February 27, 2017

To my best friend,

I can still remember the day that you were teaching the kids to sway, you caught my eyes, attention, and heart. It was the time that I've fallen in love with you, what can I do then?
I tried to pull back because it's impossible for you to love me back and I don't want to risk the friendship that we have, but something pulls us together that we became best friends in no time. 

Maybe that's where I'm great at, being friends with the people that I like.

After many of my failed attempts, I stepped up to overcome this crappy self-esteem. I brought all the letters and poems that I wrote, I reached out to your hand and asked you to read it at home, you were puzzled and I'm getting weak.

At that time, I know that I will be rejected, you're just too good for me and I don't deserve you. I accepted the fact that you will never be mine. I fell into the trap of what they called "friend zone". But I gave it a shot. Hoping, waiting and praying for a miracle to come down. I'm trusting the universe that someday, somehow, you'll fall in love with me. 

In the end, I'm glad that I chose to be brave. Because you were my best friend.
Now, my girlfriend and soon, my wife.

Thank you for loving me back, Baby!


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