Mabuhay Lahat Ng Single (Happy Valentines Day)

Friday, February 19, 2010

My kasama ka ba nung nanood ka ng titanic?
May kayakap ka ba nung natulog ka sa sunken?
May kahawak ka ba ng kamay nung ika’y naospital?
May kashare ka ba ng pagkain pag nagpupunta ka sa party?

Wag ng mag-alala kung wala

May kasama ka ba nung valentines day?
May nagkiss ba sa kamay mo nung ikaw ay nasugatan?
May nagtext ba sayo ng I love you goodnight?

Mahirap ang nag iisa walang makasama
Sa hirap at sa ginhawa
Bakit hindi na lang, durugin natin ang ating mga puso
Para hindi tayo masaktan.

Oh valentines day…
And all day through it’s always nice…
Being friends with you

Hearts day, oh yeah!

I begin the day in the presence of God (church)
Today’s teaching doesn’t fit the theme for the day, Hearts Day.
Before I proceed, remember the “who’s your valentines day” post of me?
Well it was cancelled for some other reasons.
But I’m gonna share the story with you guys.

This valentines of 2010 is the first time I will celebrate hearts day, I supposed to grab a hand of the person around me to be my date but when I am reaching for it, her hand was already holding another hand, that makes my valentines date cancelled, I invited my friends for group date in Festival mall.

After the service, Ptra greeted the birthday celebrant for February, including my besprend, hacinth. They’ve ordered pancit, and then when it was delivered, we ate a little part of it. Then we are on a rush going to Festival.


 Charlie, Bryan, Ayie, Paul, hazel, hacinth, joy and me.
Nakikipagsiksikan sa mall, sa sobrang dame ng Tao, people used to celebrate valentines day in the mall with their love ones but sadly we’re not, specially hazel, because of some other reasons, we are not totally sad, actually we had lots of fun.
When we’re in the food court, we can’t see any vacant sit for us. We keep on searching…
And we’ve finally found one then we talked then talked then talked.

Joy, hacinth and I, separately buy our foods in shop wise, I plan to buy Heaven Ice Cream since I’ve plan about the valentines day, 1gal for the 3 of us, then hacinth ask for the chocolate for my birthday gift to her, joy asked for it too, at napagbigyan nga sila ni jabes, sa kalungkutan ko nung araw na un. Hahaha!

4 of us, hazel, hacinth, joy and I, ate a bunch of ice cream and chocolate, it was the only sweet thing that day. (except for God’s love)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR (where, where?)
 It is the first time I saw the mall having a huge size of people.
Couples, group and individuals. Holding hands, hugs, sweet talks, teases, smiles, I love you, you’re all I need. Everyone is having a good time. Love is in the air they say, but I say where? I can’t even see the tail of it. Did cupid lost his Arrows and use knifes instead?
I’m not saying this because my date was my besprend and Joy (used to be). Hahaha!

I don’t know how I would end this post…
Left unsaid.

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