Classroom debate (nye, panu ngyare un?!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 19, 2010

            We have a project in NSTP2, about our presidential bet this coming 2010 election; of course I choose Bro. Eddie, with a minimum of 1 page, mine was 3 pages, including the situation of the Philippines right now,

After making my project, in the classroom, we’re talking about our presidential bet, then it falls into a debate between me and mark...

Mark is for Gibo Teodoro.
Ahahahha, sobrang ingay namen sa classroom dahil dun sa debate namen.
Dahil sya ay isang bading, sinabi nya ung mga plano ni bro eddie sa mga bading, napanuod daw nya sa tv, e wala naman akong nakita o napanood nun, kea pinaglaban ko, sabe ko sa kanila, ung platform ni bro eddie ay di lang sa mga bading kundi sa mga tao.

Then my prof came, she surprise us that it will be a recitation, then someone suggest that it must be a debate, Group debate, my group was ERROL, JOHN, AnNe..
In every question o bato ng kalaban, we always have an answer.
I thank my group for supporting and believing.

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