Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Panu nangyare un?

My project kame sa COMPR1, programming un subject na un, pero ang pinagawa samen ay isang presentation ng lahat ng topics namen…

The presentation must play in just 3mins, automatic.
So I create one, just to pass the subject, I scan my notes and type then type and type all the topics I had; I also search on the internet.

My presentation is very simple and there’s no special effects, my intro was my edited

picture (it was supposed to be my pin)
and the 2nd was this…

I didn’t expect any higher grade I’m just aiming for passing grade.

when my presentation starts, I go out the room and wait until my presentation is done, ayoko kasing Makita ung reaksyon nila (nanood din ung mga classmates ko e.) pagtapos, di ko alam ung grade ko..sinabi saken  ng classmate ko na 100 daw, ayoko maniwala pero mukhang seryoso e. kea aun.. 100% daw?!!! (Biglang Split!)

100 na agad sa unang 2 slides pa lang. sabe ng classmate ko…
Hahahahahahahaha! Yabang e.! WHooooOOooo

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