Silver Screen

Toy Story 3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
Just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me 
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me

- You've Got Friend In Me - From the Toy Story Original Soundtrack

Hey! Remember Twilight?
When all the girls on the planet gone crazy because of Edward Cullen?
It is a story of a vampire and a human, and they are the victims of love.
So why am I typing this?
Well that was the last movie I’ve ever seen on cinemas, with Charlie and ate kat. You see, my parents are strict, when I was a little boy I ask dad, what is a cinema?
He answers then I ask again, why we’re not watching movie on the cinemas? He answers again, he said that it is bad, and there is something in that theater that the devil wants.
I respect my dad, I never watched movies on the cinemas until “Twilight” came, the only way for me and my family to watch a movie is to rent a VCD or DVD, and one of the best movies I’ve ever seen when I was younger (I am still young though) was “Toy Story”, well its been so long when they’ve published the Toy Story 2, I was shocked when I heard about the news that there will be a Toy Story 3.

While watching the movie, I looked at my toys and see if it moves.
Haha! That was crazy! The movie was great; Andy makes me emotional in the end as well as woody and the team,

If I have a power to employ myself in a company it would be PIXAR’s.

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

School Allies

Pasok mode

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

 Baby I love you I never want to let you go
The more I think about the more
The I want to let you know
That everything you do is super duper Cute. Ü
And I can’t stand it.

Can’t stand it – Never Shout Never

I was inspired by my professor, just like any other English class, speaking Tagalog is prohibited, this professor is very strict, oh btw the very first purpose of this blog ( is to share my crazy thoughts and to sharpen my English communication skill (because they say, the more you speak (or write) English the more you will learn about it) but I guess sometimes that purpose is not on the line; anyway I’m going to share the first days of being a second year student.

I lost the copy of my schedule so I just took a picture of it in our bulletin board. :D

My first subject was computer programming 2, our professor was the same professor we had in Computer Programming 1 last semester, he just introduced himself to our 2 new classmates then class dismissed! But we had 3 more hours before the next subject. Guess what happen in that 3 hours?

c square beybe

i'm trying to forget that i'm addicted to you!

the teeth show off.


pwede na!

rakenrol lang!

peace ehloi at jetro

daryll at Angel, ang mga bagong kaklase

is there something wrong dear?


Paramore! haha!

rakistang totoo

the first reason that i upload this is because of the man in the back 

what's the right song?
We’ve gone crazy on festival mall, taking pictures/videos, and sing, a lot. So much fun! Haha! Then we go back to our school campus and listen to our “formal-dresser” professor in campus but a punk-rocker outside.

Now is the time to learn!

School is cool and hot! :D

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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Falling Over Me

Monday, June 28, 2010

Who you are is falling over me 
(Who you are is falling over me)
Who you are is everything I need
(Who you are is everything I need)

I'm hoping
I'm wating
I'm praying you are the one

Falling over me - demi lovato
akoXD ung nakalagay sa daliri ko.

Everyone has loved ones.
And there will always be a time where you are falling in love with someone.
And that someone don’t know you, even your name but still you can’t get your eyes off of him/her, she/he is ignoring you but you’re still hoping, hoping for a chance that you could hang out with him/her. But as you look around there are people who is longing for you and falling for you but you’re just ignoring them, and maybe a thought comes out in your mind asking “who you are who is falling over me?” and the best way to tell them that you don’t like them is…
That’s adorable, thanks for the love and you’re kinda sweet but you should offer ot to somebody else. :D


Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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You Are A Big Winner!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

- This Is Me - Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas

As I watch the lasts days of Pinoy Big Brother teen Clash of 2010, they have been throwing words of wisdom on my mind, it’s about proving yourself and believing in what you can do or believing in yourself.

Lately, I’ve been trying to make a something or trying to be known in a place or in a scene, I feel that I can’t do something, I’m not satisfied on what I’ve got and I’m not thankful for that, I’m trying to prove something but after all the feedbacks and comments of the people around me I guess there’s no need of proving myself but improving myself.
there are people that's trying to do what I’ve done and they just can’t, what I see here is I am blessed and I just can’t see it or I overlooked it.

“jabes, violet ohh..”
“adik ka talaga sa violet”
“violet na naman?”
“violet, that’s your trade mark Jabes”
-          Ehloi

Look at that, I didn’t know that they recognized me as a violet-loving person, I’m trying to be known but I already did. I haven’t notice that. LOL!
I can do something, just believe in me and I can do anything, cause I have my God on my side.

I am also recognized as one of the fastest in typing in the class.
                                                       - according to my classmates at the back.
Magaling sa Logic
-          Sir Kenneth
Madaming alam sa computer
-          Royce
Lagging unang natatapos sa pag-gawa ng program.

Whoa! That was crazy, those are the things my friends are telling me, I wrote this on my blog not to boast to anyone (who reads my blog anyway?) but to.. to… oh can’t type it, I dunno what’s the right term.

You don’t need to prove anything, they’ve been known you for months
-          Bret of PBB

You have already proven yourself
You have your own character
And because of that
You’re a BIG Winner, Jabes.

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

It's about Jesus!

think again.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I know what it feels like to wish the day was over,
I know what it feels like to have to start all over,
I know what it feels like to miss the punch line.
While another moment's passed me by

-What it feels like – FM Static

i love lips na lolipop!

I wonder how people change after all the times we linger together, it is just like a snapshot on a brand new laptop, and you can’t see the stories before and after it was taken, every picture have different smile and places, but if you look at a folder of picture and stare at every picture in it, you can see how it changes.
Even though they say that they will never evur change, there’s a truth that changes comes a long the way, comes along in every person’s life, so they actually change, they also forget that they say that they will never evur change.

Same as the word forever, people stole it from our God, a promise that is already broken even before it comes out in a man’s mouth, but still people believe in it. And another sad truth is they never stood up for it and fight for it in the first place.

Okay, what am I talking about?

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

batang mei tagihawat sa ilong. x-)


Lately I've been winning battles left and right
But even winners can get wounded in the fight
People say that I'm amazing
I'm strong beyond my years
But they don't see inside of me
I'm hiding all the tears

They don't know that I come running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while
(Look up for His smile)
'Coz deep inside this armor
The warrior is a child

Unafraid because His arrow is the best
But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest
People say that I'm amazing
I never face retreat, oh no
But they don't see the enemies
That lay me at His feet

They don't know that I come running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while
(Look up for His smile)
'Coz deep inside this armor
The warrior is a child

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD


Huling Araw ng Bakasyon

Friday, June 18, 2010

kagabi, dun ako natulog sa harap ng TV sa may Carpet..

nanood kasing Face to Face.. haha!
at para diretcho na sa "The Finals" pag gising..

gumawa na din ako ng pang-asar na larawan para sa mga LA Lakers.
sobrang exciting nung nagsimula..
dominating ang Boston Celtics noong una, umabot pa ng 10pts ang lamang
then, the annoying referees (whose on the Lakers' side) make pito, the call for the foul at pabor sa lakers!
(nagrereklamo dahil talo. hahaha!) anyway, Nice Game Boston Celtics! Congrats Los Angeles Lakers.

Lakers 83
Celtics 79
not bad..

naplano ko na to e, if manalo Celtics, mang-aasar kme ni Charlie
at pag hindi, awww.. wala sa plano.. magyayabang na naman ung isa.
punta dapat akong Baywalk sa Bayanan for a memorable Friday, dito din ako nagpapaka one last lonely boy, dito ako nagsusulat ng kanta noon at nagkakakanta sa dalampasigan.
ow BTW, huling araw ng bakasyon kase usually Saturday and Sunday ay wula akong pasok
so Friday ang huling araw ng bakasyon ko.

after lunch, naligo agad ako para matakasan ang hugasing plato. wuahaha!
punta ako agad sa kwarto para magsoundtrip at biglang nagtext si besprend'hacinth punta daw kmeng sunken, di ko alam kung bkt pero nag-oo kaagad ako.

so we went up to sunken garden, great the sand is so greeeeennnn... unlike this past few weeks, no grass.
nag-osap leng kume ng mutinde, sobreng daldal ni hacinth peo enjoy, tawa akow ng tawa e..
wala daw kase xang pasok ata? ewan.. haha!

pag-uwi ko, naglaro lang sandali ng NBA at natulog..

so aun lang..

pang-asar ko dapat kung nanalo ang boston celtics
kaso talo pero panalo pa din sila para saken!

still the champ

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD


the Last days of summer escapade

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tententen ten
tententen ... PLA PLA!

i think this will be my last Swimming for the summer of 2010.
hmm. tulad ng dating posts ko about swimming, puro picture ang nilalaman nito. :D

10:00pm - J.I.L Norfil
      i'm not excited for the reason that i dont know. everyone is getting ready for the outing. in the bus, my seat was not an ordinary bus seat, it was an amplifier. along the way, everyone was chattering until everyone got tired, so they take a nap, but not me, i decided not to sleep because of my annoying SEAT-uation.

2:00 in the morning
     the first picture in Laiya Batangas.

ang dilim! haha!
because of high-expectation, i didn't say any "WOW" in the place, mas maganda pa rin saken ung kila Jasmin, kung icocompare ha. the only good thing about the place is the sinking sand.LOL

2:30 something..
      we ate our breakfast, what an early breakfast. haha! then we swim, the salt-water was warm and the sand is sinking (ohh i love this term. XD) then someone attacks me, its a bird.. no, its a plane.. no, its.. its.. mood swing. so i start being emo (even tho i'm not!), i lay down on the boundary of the ocean and the land (okay, what am i saying.) i lay on the shore. LOL, while the waves are crashing over my body, i look up in the sky. it was so beautiful, hindi nakakasawang tingnan.. then someone shouts "hoy emo!" then everybody do the same thing that i do, as we look up, I just saw a perfectly made shooting star, at napasigaw kme ni ayie, everyone is asking, "why?" after telling them what we just saw, the star gazing moment starts.
after that i start making sand castle but it ends up with a turtle with the help of hacinth.

later on the sun rose! haha!
ayie and i ate breakfast, again!
then i get bored, then Ptra. calls on, for a game. we were divided into 3 groups.
charlie, bryan, ayie, israel isang s.o.s tska di ko kilalang babae. yan ang group ko.
we've played only 3 games, but the one we enjoyed the most was the human pyramid.
team pla.. pla

we won! XD
this is where the cheering starts..
ten ten ten ten
ten ten ten
ten ten ten...
Pla Pla (this was the name of our group... in the tune of "Eye of the tiger")
we won 2/3 games. we've rocked so hard. hahaha!
then again, i get bored!
i went back to the cottage and ate half of the prizes we've got.
i also text my friends, asking who won the game 5, it was celtics! yes!
the real champ is dominating.

then naligo ulet ako, nangulit, tawanan, kwentuhan at pichuran (tinamad na akong magkwento.. haha!)

eto na ung pics..

simula na pang-adik na pichuran

what am i doing?

si hazel ba tong katabi ko?

model! whahaha!

emo! hahaha!


ang muka! XD

naks naman!

what the!

cover girls! naligaw ung isa!

Next wave acoustic! RAWR!

next wave, band! disbanded! 

bus pichuran!

nilubog nga pla namen si hacinth!

bago maligo...

after maligo

after magbihis..

   i woke up 5:30am last sunday..
then i sleep at 7pm on monday!
33hours akong gising minus 30 mins nap time.

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD


I Can't Stand.. Sitting down

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Natapos na ang eleksyon, may naproklama ng bagong Presidente at Bise-Presidente ngunit di nanalo ang sinoportahan namin, dito na ba matatapos ang lahat?!

may tinuro si Bro.Eddie sa amin iyon ay ang magmahal sa Diyos at sa Bayan. Bigla kong naalala ung Video na pinanood namen nung KKB International Youth Summit 2007, nakakabasag puso, isang portrait ng "The Last Supper" ni Leonardo Da Vinci pero hindi ang mga disciples ang katabi ni Lord kundi mga batang musmos.. sa huli nag-iwan ito sa amin ng isang malaking katanungan..

sanay na nga ba silang mag-malimos sa kalye, maguton, di kumain at maghirap?
o tayo ang sanay na makita silang nagmamalimos sa kalye, nagugutom, di kumakaen at naghihirap?

sabe sa Bible
Love Your Neighbors

siguro alam ko na ang dapat kong gawin...

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kanina may binibili ako sa isang tindahan at biglang umatake ang pagkabaliw ko..

di ako tao..
what if langgam ako na may pakpak..

masarap sigurong lumipad-lipad
masayang lumilipad sa himpapawid
e pano kung sa paglipad ko bigla akong sumabit sa dambuhalang
sapot ng gagamba
at sa paligid ko ay
nagkalat ang mga mistulang mummies
dahil sa binalot sila ng gagamba sa kanyang sapot.
mga walang buhay.
ito na ba ang katapusan ng lahat?

e pano kung susubukan kong tumakas at
susubuan ng paulit-ulit, at sa pang-100 beses
sumuko ako, makaklipad ba akong muli?
dahil kung susubukan kong tumakas ng 100 beses,
200 beses at hindi ako sumuko
matutulad din ba ako sa ibang langgam sa paligid ko?


Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD


Hoi! Makinig Ka!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Galing 'to sa
sabe dun pagsabihan mo daw ung sarili mo sa ginagawa mong mali..
sounds funny but this may help your self..

here we go..

hoi Jabes, wag mo ngang awayin ung mga kapatid mo, di na kayo nagkakasundo, dapat nga maging close kayo e, tska pag-inutusan ni mama or dady aba wag ng dumada, sumunod ka nlng.! tapos ayan pasukan na naman mag-aral ka ngang mabuti, wag kang makuntento sa pasado lang, dapat highest ka! sayang ginagastos sayo ng magulang mo ung iba nga dyan gustong mag-aral tapos di makapag-aral, tapos ikaw! tsk tsk! para din naman yan sa future mo ehh. tska matuto ka ding maging responsable sa mga bagay-bagay.. tska di ba Christian ka? dapat makita sayo yun, hindi yung andun ka kasama ng ibang tao tapos hindi nila maa-identify na Christian ka, tandaan mo, dala mo ang pangalan ni Lord.

so aun lang.!

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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Friday, June 11, 2010

photoshop... where amazing happens!
Isang gabing tahimik
sobrang di ako mapakali
gusto kong mag-isip pero wala namang maisip
23:12 na sa orasan ng cellphone ko
11:12 ng gabi ng kalungkutan
di ko din alam kung bakit kalungkutan.
dahil ba sa kantang pinapakinggan ko
o sa mga pangyayareng naaalala ko
"and i'm here to stay, nothing can separate us.."
sabe ng kantang wrapped in your arms ng bandang
Fireflight na pinapakinggan ko sa mga oras na ito
medyo mabigat ung tono ng kanta pero anong kinalaman
nito sa post na ito?

siguro kaya ako nagkakaganito dahil
sa table of memories na patungan ko
sa pagsusulat ng draft na ito..

nandito ang ibat-ibang larawan na kinuha sa iba't ibang oras at iba't ibang lugar.
kung saan naaalala ko ang nakaraan
pero sabe nila
"past is past"
ngyare na ang ngyare.
pero masarap balikan ang nakaraan
may masasayang ala-ala
may malulungkot
may nakakainis
mayroon ding di maintindihan
ngunit lahat ng ito'y di maaaring di mo
kahit ano pang sabihin nila
past is past
babalikan at babalikan mo pa rin ang nakaraan
dahil ito ay parte na ng yong buhay
parte na ng HISTORY ng yong buhay..

tulad ng sa iskwela..
pinag-aaralan natin ang "History"
inaalala ang mga kaganapan sa nakaraan..
masaya man o masakit
ngunit kailangan dahil
di ka papasa sa klase.

-ang gulo, di ko naintindihan ang pinag-ttype ko. haha!

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD


feel na feel ni Jabes!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

may ka-chat ako!
si rachelle, isang kkb.
subaybayan natin ang kaganapan sa baba!

may sasabihin ako sayo :3
anu un?! ^^
nabasa ko mga blogs niyo ni hazel
and i found out na ikaw ang kauna unahang friend na tulong sa kanya :D
nakakatuwa. nakaka bless.
buti nalng hehe
friend din kita :D
aww... ako sweet at great friend? haha! di ko maimagine. haha! salamat!
no problem!
haha tanggapin mo na tsong. ayaw pa :P
haha! di ako mapakali! muka akong ewan dito, di ko alam ang reaksyong ilalabas ko, haha! nakakatuwa naman! salamat ahh.. (feel na feel ko e no?! XD)
haha.. XDD okay lang 'yan. :Dnatutuwa rin ako sayo :3 ilabas mo lang yang reaksyon an yan! GO :D
yoko nga.. blehh! haha! XD

haii. feel ko nga ako pa mei kasalanan ng kaguluhang iyon e..
ANYWAY! whaah!

hahaha! kakatuwa no?!
feel na feel ko e..
wala akong masabe.
at para kei Rachelle!
hoi! Jamming tayo minsan, turuan mo din ako!
tska ano.. bonding tayo minsan! 
tska sana maging close tayo
tska! tska! tska! chaka! LOL
thanks ulet! 

aun lang.. haha!

Never Give up

Believe Love and obey GOD

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