Falling Over Me

Monday, June 28, 2010

Who you are is falling over me 
(Who you are is falling over me)
Who you are is everything I need
(Who you are is everything I need)

I'm hoping
I'm wating
I'm praying you are the one

Falling over me - demi lovato
akoXD ung nakalagay sa daliri ko.

Everyone has loved ones.
And there will always be a time where you are falling in love with someone.
And that someone don’t know you, even your name but still you can’t get your eyes off of him/her, she/he is ignoring you but you’re still hoping, hoping for a chance that you could hang out with him/her. But as you look around there are people who is longing for you and falling for you but you’re just ignoring them, and maybe a thought comes out in your mind asking “who you are who is falling over me?” and the best way to tell them that you don’t like them is…
That’s adorable, thanks for the love and you’re kinda sweet but you should offer ot to somebody else. :D


Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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