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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

 Baby I love you I never want to let you go
The more I think about the more
The I want to let you know
That everything you do is super duper Cute. Ü
And I can’t stand it.

Can’t stand it – Never Shout Never

I was inspired by my professor, just like any other English class, speaking Tagalog is prohibited, this professor is very strict, oh btw the very first purpose of this blog ( is to share my crazy thoughts and to sharpen my English communication skill (because they say, the more you speak (or write) English the more you will learn about it) but I guess sometimes that purpose is not on the line; anyway I’m going to share the first days of being a second year student.

I lost the copy of my schedule so I just took a picture of it in our bulletin board. :D

My first subject was computer programming 2, our professor was the same professor we had in Computer Programming 1 last semester, he just introduced himself to our 2 new classmates then class dismissed! But we had 3 more hours before the next subject. Guess what happen in that 3 hours?

c square beybe

i'm trying to forget that i'm addicted to you!

the teeth show off.


pwede na!

rakenrol lang!

peace ehloi at jetro

daryll at Angel, ang mga bagong kaklase

is there something wrong dear?


Paramore! haha!

rakistang totoo

the first reason that i upload this is because of the man in the back 

what's the right song?
We’ve gone crazy on festival mall, taking pictures/videos, and sing, a lot. So much fun! Haha! Then we go back to our school campus and listen to our “formal-dresser” professor in campus but a punk-rocker outside.

Now is the time to learn!

School is cool and hot! :D

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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