Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cause we're one and the same
We're anything but ordinary
One and the same
I think we're almost legendary
You and me, the perfect team
Chasing down the dream
We're one and the same
(Hey, hey, hey)

- One And The Same - Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato (Princess Protection Program Soundtrack)

One Classroom
One Goal
One Journey
One Life

Different People
Different Groups
Different Laughs
Different Stories
Different Mindsets
Different Faith
Different Lives

Location: AMA Computer Learning Center, Alabang. Room 301

As I wear this violet shades, I can see what they’re doing, without them knowing
They don’t know that I’m writing about them, observing them without a clue.

In some point, they stare at me with a big question on their faces, they’re looking at me and see if I’ll react or not, I’m a little bit quiet and they thought that I’m being emo and suplado daw but the good thing is no one’s looking in this notebook, no curiosity that attacks my classmates to look in my notebook.

As I look at them, I wanna wear Errol’s Bonnet, Ayesa’s Generosity, Mark’s memorizing technique, Anne’s friendly charms, Angel’s Smile, Jethro’s Dance steps Daryl’s careless character and McLean’s nothing. Well, that is what uniqueness is all about, you can never be the best in everything, they have their own attitudes that makes a person unique.
Oh.. everyone is going out.. gotta go.

"Always try to be good to everyone"

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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