You have Stolen my heart

Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Have Stolen my Heart
I’m Captivated by You
Never will You and I part
I’ve Fallen Deeply In love with You

- Deeply In Love by Hillsong -

-_- A Note From my Beloved Truprend, Shane Mariel -_-

God will give us the RIGHT thing in a RIGHT way at the RIGHT time.LOVE. this always comes at every conversation of every teenager.
If you are not aware, LOVE is the hottest conversation that will circulate around the campus. Kung wala kang BF/GF paano nalang? you'll be pressured to have one just to be in the trend.

(Sunday -- July 11, 2010 -- Youth Service)

I'm awakened by this teaching.

1. It is not always right to be in a relationship, to have commitment. It is always better to preserve it and let time decide if you're ready.

2. If you're in love yet you're confused then it is not right. Learn to love right and never be confused. You will excel in academics, you will eat right and you can sleep well because you know that you are inspired to do it and you are not exhausted otherwise it's the symptoms of being "CRAZY".

3. People who seek for LOVE are the ones who are deprived from LOVE. They may not feel it at home, or they maybe, somehow, just want to experiment. But if love starts around your home, you won't be begging for love from others unless they give it to you unexpectedly. It's like, if your glass of water is full, you won't ask for more because it's enough for you (the other way around). God's love is enough to consume our being.

4. You will enter into a relationship because you want your partner to be happy not yourself. If your intention is just for your happiness alone, you won't find it.

5. Find the one who treats his parents and siblings properly, who respects and loves them. If he can not do it to his family, what more of loving and respecting you when you are just a stranger to him?

6. Good things comes to those who wait. Staying single is not bad. It is just a sign that you are content with the love that you are enjoying from your friends and family.

7. The more relationships you've had, the more heartaches you also have. Don't envy those who already have three or more relationships because they also have their three months or more than that of crying because of their ended relationship. Just think of it as a blessing because you don't have to feel the pain of being left and emotionally battered.

8. Still, the best man is always a believer of Christ. If he fears the Lord, then he don't have any means to hurt you because you are His creation. If he is not a believer of Christ then he is with the evil. Good and Evil can not be together because one of them will fall on either in good or bad side.

9. PRAY and BELIEVE. Nothing works best than praying to the Lord. Everything fall according to God's plan if you just learn to pray and have Faith.

--Here are just some key points that I've learned from our beloved guest pastor. I just rephrase it because i don't have any jot down notes. mga naalala ko lang po:)

Hope you'll learn from it too:)

(I don't have to worry now. I already feel loved by God, family and friends)

-_- Hooked by this note, Uplifting b’coz of nothing?! Lalala! Wanna sing. XP XD DP! 

"Always try to be good to everyone"

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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