Acquaintance Party 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ACLC Muntinlupa scheduled an acquaintance party last 20th of August 2010 it was Friday.
Venue: WaterCamp Resort Cavite
Assembly Time: 5:00am
Fee: 500php (foods not included)

When I heard about the news, “I was like oh my freaking dog! They’re gonna see my tummy, haha!” it was compulsory so I must attend, and besides all of my classmates will join the said event, so in the end baka mainggit lang ako sa kanila pag hindi ako sumama.

            This week is our examination week and the week of the passing of our two week production movie, Detective Conan and Thursday is the last day of the exam and we’re ready to swim! … … …  Errol and I went to Jethro’s house para sa walang tulugan na paghahanda sa araw ng buakas, nanood kame ng Detective Conan, not once but twice, we laugh all morning.

            We walk… talk… and ride a Jeepney going to the school campus to meet my classmates, schoolmates, professors, the admin and of course the BUS. We ride the bus with excitement, here’s the seat arrangement at the back:
Errol – Angel – Ayesa – Anne – Daryl – Jabes
But the plan is this, the seven solid friends should be at the back it should be like this:
Errol – Angel – McLean – Jethro – Anne – Daryl – Jabes
That is so annoying! KJ e!

Hirap mag-open, hai..
Nabadtrip kase ako dun kei McLean, nagpaparinig saken, nag-uusap sila ni Jethro e nasa likod ko lang sila, “napaka-plastic kase e.” grr! Di nya kse naiintindihan, tsk2. rawr!
Kea nagtext ako sa mga kkb’s at si hacinth lang ang nagreply, at hinuhuli pa ako, inlove daw ako. Tsk2.  haha! Pero ok na kme ni McLean.

Welcome remarks…
Body Building
Eating time!
Picture Time!
Swimming time!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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