Another Hard Fall

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

 And if you need me, you’d kiss me
Then tell me how you feel
And if you want me, you’d show me
That your love is for real
And if you love me
You’d hold me in your arms where I belong
So while I’m feeling strong
I sing you one last song

- One last song – A1

Walking into this empty streets
Where the darkness blinds up my mind
The world may fall into my eyes
The universe may flow
And a glass of hot chocolate may stir up alone
You can count the stars if you want
You can cry on the sand if you can

No, I’m not crying
No, I’m not sad
You may think that I’m alone
But I’m not
Low self-esteem is not also the problem

An eye bag covered by the eyeliner
A hair that covers up a face
A very sad music that changes your mood
 I’m not an emo!

But you should, sometimes, I think?

Thinking about, everything happens for a reason
All things work together for good
Life goes on
Life is good
Life is fair
Sometimes, you just don’t understand it
And most of the time you don’t need
To understand it
Asking yourself, why? Why?
Then look up in the sky and ask God, why?
And if God gave you the answer
You’ll cry.

I’m bored!
Typing on what really on my mind
While listening to the music of Taylor Swift
With the backing vocals of the raindrops
Waiting for nothing, waiting for something
Then my eyes will be so tired, whoo!
Time to sleep.

But wait, need to say “see you again.”

Never Give Up

I Believe Love and Obey GOD

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