Rejected 2.0

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We still live in the same town, well, don't we?
But I don't see you around anymore.
I go to all the same places, not even a trace of you..
Your days are numbered at 24.
And I'm getting bored waiting round for you,
We're not getting any younger, and I
Won't look back 'cause there's no use
It's time to move forward!

I feel no sympathy,
You lived inside a cave!
You barely get by the rest of us,
You're trying, there's no need to apologize,
I've got no time for feeling sorry!

- Feeling Sorry - Paramore -


 The cure for the feeling of being rejected is REJECTING IT.

okay! i'm not used into it
being rejected?! oh?! my?!
few or much, big or small?
a joke or not, when it comes
to rejecting, it hurts me, a lot.

but there was this man that i admire, he was rejected that time
by one of my friends, it's a joke but i know it hurts.
i feel bad about it because i laugh, then after he threw those line to us
i feel so ashamed of what I've got, of what I've said and do.

"okay lang yun, sanay naman akong ma-reject e."

so why do i admire him?
he is now "into" it. 
i realize that he was and he is always 
rejected, i feel sorry about him.

Never Give Up


I Believe Love and Obey GOD

"be bold! be STRONG!"

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