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Saturday, January 29, 2011

last Sunday, I didn't attend 2nd service because i have to finish my flash animation that needed to be past on the coming Wednesday. so i went home right after the groupings.

i started working with my animation. my mind is not responding as for the moment. i can't think of any concept for my animation. CTRL + ALT + DEL 
cant do anything about it. and even the task manager were not responding.
so the introduction of my Animation eats one minute of the 3 minute Flash Movie.

my project is going nowhere. no concept just animation.
i finish my animation last Monday but according to my classmate the deadline of submission of our project was moved on Friday. 
our only problem is our Progress Report for our Structured Cabling, our proposal document for our Thesis in System Design and the Scrapbook making on PreVal.


after our examination. some of BIM student attacked Me and Errol because they know that we know how to animate using Macromedia Flash. with their charming smiles and captivating talks. i fell down. i can't say no to them. the only thing that i can do is to look at their eyes while they were talking, smile and say nothing. i can't even move.that night i already made one minute of animation for Lorizmai (BIM Student)


no class today but free using of Computers in the Laboratory. i showed off the animation that I've create last night (wed) she said it's cool but she's unsatisfied, so she gave me suggestions for additional ideas and concept for her midterm project. after i finished Mae's Animation, another BIM student Approached me, Jonalyn. but it's getting late so i have to promised her that i will make her project in our home. then my classmate called me and talked to me (Kamil) asking help for her project too. while Errol had to create 3 Animations. His animation and 2 animation for 2 BIM students.

we went home almost 9pm.
carrying the ill's of Flash Animation. then Errol and I decided to finish the animation together in our house.

determined that we will finish that 5 project tonight.
after 7 1/2 hours, we're tired.we left 3 projects undone.
5:30am Errol went home.


this is one of the busiest Friday ever. many of my classmates has no project yet. so my clients were growing. after finishing Jonalyn's Flash Animation love story. it's now time for Flor's. my head is under-construction but it's still working. still sleepy in 4 hours of sleep.

after doing their projects.
i thought i have time to rest.
i remembered that this day is the submission of our Progress report in STCAB and Proposal letter for System Design.

but first we need to burn the Animation we've created.
we went to Lianasto burn the CD and to print the Proposal letter. we go left and right, back and fort. bla.. bla. it's so tiring.
then we went back to school.

i think i'm having a headache in our documentation in Sysdes.
good thing i have my friends to help me through this.
and also for God.

Never Give Up

Falling in the Rhythm of God’s Love
Rockin’ and Believin’ in JESUS
Walking with God

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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