The Hard Fall Presents: Drowned Under Emotions

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today, I’m searching for something.
Something that I couldn’t understand at all
Maybe a point that changed into a comma
Using an ink of any other pen
Why o why?

I’m yours to hold
If only you know it and find it so interesting
This tears falling from my big eyes means
Nothing, nothing but the pain I used to bear all this time

You don’t know it
Or you know everything about it.
You build a new world to a new prospective
A new pain to build new happiness

I used to hate you in the first place
But a glass of water poured out
Now, I’m hugging you tight.
Should I really fight?

Check me out, lets go out.
Does the rhyming rhymes?
Or does the cookies are here to please?
A yes or no, a maybe or sort of.

Shades that shade up
Or umbrella that covers up.
All the non-sense thing is coming out again
It seems like using a pain killer when your pain is in the heart.
The walls between you and I starts to burn
The impossible one is coming into life

Without you, I can’t see anyone.
I’m blinded, I can’t see but you. You. You.
Measurements are unused.
The older I get, will I get over it?

Should this spirit needs to hide in under my pillow.
Please don’t go away.. I’m getting sucked in the world of losers.
I can’t stop listening to these sad songs.
It’s the heaviness in my heart that pushed me on

Waiting for vanity.
I’m falling down in the river
In the soft flowing water, don’t leave me now.
I maybe

Drowned Under Emotions

Never Give Up

Falling in the Rhythm of God’s Love
Rockin’ and Believin’ in JESUS
Walking with God

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
►emo! again!◄

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