nakakainis.. nakakairita.. nakakayamot.. nakakalungkot.. nakakaiyak... nakakapagpaluha.. naka! grr

Monday, March 28, 2011

Can you take this silence like a pill so I can breathe again?
I've been trying to ignore the best part of you.
But I'm still hoping that I'll be with you somehow, somehow.

Please be home tonight.
I'll die if I don't get a chance to make this just right.
I'm sorry but I can't forget about the way I feel,
Every time you're here.

♫Hopeless Love♪Daphne Loves Derby♫

One day..
i opened my PC. some loading stuffs keep me waiting.
i put my flash drive on and wait until its light bulb blinks into red.
my hands are shaking as i hold the optical mouse. i know what i just saw. but i'm curious. i didn't see it clearly when i first saw it.

i opened the flash drive of mine, i slowly point to a folder double clicked it. scroll down to the bottom. i pick a random file. browse random files. then i feel that i'm getting closer into it. my pointing finger starts to weaken.

then poof!
there it is. i studied the document/file/whatever. information flows by the use of logical freak-ness of me. 

my eyes is now half-open.
the heaviness of my chest were pushed into the fullest.
i can hear my breathe so loudly and i'm running after it.
my world just smashed. i shouted her name.
then.. whaaaaa...
why in the world i search for it?
it's full of regrets.i'm hurting too much. :((

i now consider myself as broken.
i fall into pieces, and get so weak.

i looked at the file and waited for a magical changes.
but nothing moved, nothing changes. through the sadness i had.
i pull the plug then go to the bedroom, i'm looking to a streetlight until it brought me to nowhere. imagination and wrong thinking pushed me to a deeper level of irritation and deeper sadness.

i found myself sitting in the middle of a darkroom.
and a spotlight over me.

i need someone to talk to.
i mean i need a friend to talked into.
it's either tabs, trufriend, mentor, bezy o besprend.
for i trust this people. :|

broken po, hindi emo. ;(

Never Give Up

Falling in the Rhythm of God’s Love
Rockin’ and Believin’ in JESUS
Walking with God

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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