The EGR (Encounter God Retreat)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the journey in Tagaytay.
a Journey of a lifetime. haha!

what am i saying?.
for those Christians that didn't attend Encounter God Retreat, you're missing 95% of your Christian Life.

it's so amazing being in the retreat.
and if you already attend an EGR and does not feel amazed.
remember: the level of your hunger is equal to the level you will be filled up.

there's so much that i wanna say but there's a secrecy code or a covenant we have in God. so i must shut up but tell stories and testimonies only to those who already attend EGR.
my groupmate, roomate, tablemate. we're eight idk where are the others and kuya ecko is not with us
we have our Spiritual Guides.
we ate delicious foods.
we have a group with other churches. (me, hacinth and charlie were separated from each other in the groupings, even the rooms)
2 days and 1 night in the retreat house.

Ptra Bing and Ptr Jeric, they are the one used by God to preach in EGR (almost all the topics in the 2 day retreat)

as the seminar starts.
you'll have this automatic response: listen and take notes.
and you'll be worshiping God in each session.
there will be shedding of tears. unspeakable joy will flow.
you will be filled up.
i can't help myself not talking.
that feeling is overflowing but as much as i share i'm peeling out the feeling of some people i shared those stories with.
ready for party
i remember last Sunday:
all i wanted to do is to share, share, worship God. pray. share.
after we rode on 4D ride on festival mall with Hazel and Hacinth. (thanks for the treat Hazel) we went home, here in our house. i'll be changing clothes because we're headed on a party in the charmane's (charlie's friend) we're invited in her debut.

along the way, i was seating beside Hacinth and the feeling is flowing out then we never stop talking to each other about the intimacy we experience with God.

i experience transformation.
i was blessed by a pastor in the retreat house in Christian Development Center (this is where we held the EGR) he is the audio man in the place. he testify that among all the batch who made session in that center our batch is the most different one. whoa.. every time i think about that the hair all over my body were having an standing ovation.

we have graduation and a party.

attending an EGR is building up strong foundation of faith in Jesus.
isa lang ang masasabi ko sa EGR... "Maganda"

God never stops at good. he starts at good and headed for the best in you.
oh by the way I'm Fruitful.

Never Give Up

Falling in the Rhythm of God’s Love
Rockin’ and Believin’ in JESUS
Walking with God

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.


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