I have a STORY to TELL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it took me months to finish the book entitled i kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris. the book encourage the singles to quit dating and offer the prime years of their service to God.

I borrowed the book from Tabs AKA Cathy. the book is still on my own book shelf. i can't return it to her because i can hardly see her in church. she's busy when summer starts.

the book is good but laziness of reading it pushed me to a 4month-journey finishing it. the book has 4 parts:

1) isn't there a problem?
2) the heart of the matter
3) building a new lifestyle
4) looking ahead

there's a funny way Joshua Harris taught me in the end of the book, on how to get away from those good-looking girls. it really helps.
i also have new standards in choosing my future spouse. (i wish those standards won't expire. LOL)

i learned to focus on God not on romance.
i know God has perfect plan for my love life and it will only happen in His perfect time as i learned to trust Him more.

the reason why i remained single and NGSB is not because of torpe anymore. it is because of His plan for me. His perfect plan.

and when the time comes.
when i finally married the God given wife for me.
after we've kissed for the first time in the altar.
after we have children. i have this..
this story to tell.

how wonderful serving God as a single and how He works when you trust Him.
if nina said "Love moves in mysterious ways" i say "God Moves in mysterious ways."

Hi, i'm Jabes Aquino and I KISSED DATING GOODBYE

Never Give Up

Falling in the Rhythm of God’s Love
Rockin’ and Believin’ in JESUS
Walking with God

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

►probably i haven't met you yet or i already met you but see you in the future. :)◄

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