Israel's Natal Day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 19, 2011
      Today is my brother's Day! while yesterday was my graduation - me and my brother, together with Aries Anduyo start our journey in Festival Mall. we will buy some stuffs for my brother. he promised us a cheeseburger. but it didn't happen.

the cake
then we went home..
hacinth sends me a message through phone asking where was i, and she wants us to go home. then we went home. she told me that they'll come over our house today. later on she said sorry. because they can't.

while playing NBA 2k11 on PC, LA Lakers as my team. my TF's came.. besprend, bro, truprend and den-den. so sweet. they bought us cake from Goldilocks and charlie gave us chocolate. plus the cartolina message board. they're so funny. i thought it was only for my brother's day but as i read their messages it was also for my graduation.

hacinth just do her homework on my PC while we at the back spend time talking, mel and aries joined us at the back. we enjoyed every moments. even the song requesting, the funny picture viewing and the shaking teases. then before the day ends my Mom prepared us pancit and after we ate we went to baywalk. it's already dark outside.  

we took pictures there, we have fun. we have frog. :D
then my camera encountered a problem. or we encountered a problem with my camera.
is that a sign that God will gave me my Canon EOS 600D, DSLR? (Lord, i Receive)

this is the most intense.
"banatan na yang nakawhite" paraphrasing.
we just heard that somewhere. my TF's immediately stood up and start going further. hacinth is the most afraid of what happen. sobrang kabado. she holds me while she runs. i told her to calm down. :))

the most courageous? den-den she's at the back and unafraid.

on the outside, when we're far from those intruders, we had a meeting. sharing of thoughts on the road and even the traffic man make pito on us because we're almost in the middle. it is just another unforgettable experience.

what does the cartolina have?




Piolo P. wuahaha!

I appreciate what they have done.
I love them.. so much.

Never Give Up

•Show Me•Grow Me•Hold Me•

I am God's Original Masterpiece.
I am God's Workmanship. 
I am belong to God
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

►they are so sweet. :)

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