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Thursday, June 09, 2011

~ Risky undertaking week: Day 7~
June 4, 2011
this is the last day in my risky undertaking week.

i have a class every saturday but since this is for God. i didn't attend chemistry.
i choose to be in Cuneta rather in classroom.
i choose to listen to a speaker rather than to a professor.
i choose to be corrected by GOD than my instructor.
in short. i choose GOD above anything else.

it was a pretty hard decision, i'm thinking of the complication that will happen when i'm not going to attend the said Saturday. but God gave me comfort in His hands for it was an amazing event. really amazing event. why? this is what happened:

me and my brother woke up 5:00am. the kkb's should meet at 5:15am in starmall. so in short we're late. we said that they should go, and they went to Cuneta without us.so together with ate flor, bryan, chrsitelle, dave and carlo went together in Cuneta Astrodome. my early bird friends were on the line. they're first on the line.
on or in or at, whatevur! find your height

i'm a little bit confused about the baptism. where they would handle the 12,000 youths who wants to be baptized in water? how? what kind of pool headed for us? anyway! when we get inside the dome we perform our favorite production number. guess what it is. taking pictures!

the event starts. we saw good worship leaders and the J-Rev worship leading team sung TAKE IT ALL by HILLSONG UNITED. i've never heard this sang live. so i enjoyed singing the song especially the crowd's part in chorus.. woah ohh.

I'm going to skip few happenings to give way to the baptism.
while we were instruct on how would the baptism will happen the youths around starts wearing their dark clothes.o by the way, the event is composed of different youth groups like gising kabataan, bangon kabataan, kristyanong kabataan para sa bayan, Jesus revolution, etc.
the first batch of youths that will be baptized is from the bleachers. and we are on the bleachers. but not the first. we're divided into 500 each group.

there are 3 baptism... water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism and baptism of fire.
you can choose a combination among that.
3 in 1 complete package of baptism
2 in 1 without water baptism

most of us choose 2 in 1 because we're already baptized in water.
i'm going to separate the baptisms, the prayer tunnel and the aftershock from this entry cause it is so special.

as the first 500 goes, the spontaneous worship begun until all of the 12,000 youth's had been baptized. it was a different kind of worship.
the worship leader starts shouting unto God. the youths start worshiping God.
we never sung any song yet but God already in the place. i start lifting my hands and closed my eyes. i speak words of adoration in my mouth.

i forgot to brought a handkerchief, so i don't want to cry.
but that prevention prevented. i cry out to God. my tears keeps on pouring out.
i can't help myself but to cry and sing to God. it was an indescribable feeling. 

Never Give Up

•Show Me•Grow Me•Hold Me•

I am God's Original Masterpiece.
I am God's Workmanship. 
I am belong to God
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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