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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Draft 01.10.11 (nice!)

I'm browsing Informations through Facebook.
this fingers lay me on someone's wall.
we have lots of things in common.
as in super!

now, it's about me, again.
nothing but me. right!

50 things about Jabes

1. sebajisoka, the alter-ego of Jabes.
2. Unpredictable, Moody, Sensitive type of person.
3. there are times that i enjoy drowning in melancholy
4. i eat a lot. especially when i am cast down and sadness.
5. I am Nocturnal
6. have a problem trusting people, particularly about my feelings
7. I love exploring
8. maypagka-Insecure!
9. I'm allergic to learning years ago.
10. I always found myself daydreaming.
11. easily get destructed
12. my mind works the best at late night to morning
13. i have a dream of being a writer
14. I don't play Flash games on facebook
15. I search everything on Google/ even personal problems. :)
16. i love observing people
17. Corni species of man
18. Red to Black to Yellow and now Violet/Purple (my loving colors.)
19. Amateur Bassist and Guitarist
20. loves to stay in high places
21. undeniably weird
22. i blog the things that i cannot say
23. i love doing ordinary things with a twist.
24. if there's a song that i like but idk the title, i put the lyrics on Google and make them look for that song.
25. possessive na. Jealous pa.
26. I have a disorder, if there's a pictorial with my friends and I'm not included. (especially when they're taking lots of pictures) I'm starting to make "tampo" without them knowing. i always got irritated about myself regarding that scene.
27. I hate idle persons.
28. I am a Harmony-Seeking Idealist
29. I like to make a sacrifice in the present when I can see that it will improve things in the future. 
30. I like my desk to be neat and organized.
31. I like adapting to new situations.
32. my personality type is INFJ!
Introverted (I) 75% Extroverted (E) 25%
Intuitive (N) 64% Sensing (S) 36%
Feeling (F) 75% Thinking (T) 25%
Judging (J) 59% Perceiving (P) 41%
33. I love hanging out with my friends than by brothers! (i love my brothers! XD)
34. I am a huge fan of FM Static
35. I have Sweaty hands and feet.
36. I can't really go out without my bag on (I can, occasionally )
37. If I'm going to somewhere, i'm in shoes. :)
38. i have a hairy legs.
39. i want to be a graphic artist.
40. i have tons of secrets
41. i want Canon DSLR
42. i want to passed through the walls
43. i wanted to go to Paris, France
44. i want to learn to drive.
45. i want to be rich.
46. i want to be equip by God's Word.
47. God said that i am FRUITFUL.
48. i am God's workmanship
49. i am God's original masterpiece.
50. this life that i have now is for Jesus Christ.. alone.

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