Another Movie Review: Transformers 3 "Dark of the Moon"

Monday, July 11, 2011

this is another movie review. months ago i blogged about the Paranormal Activity and now?
for transformers 3 "Dark of the moon".
i know the caption of the photo was failed

before i proceed this is what happen.
without any formal plans through out the week last Thursday, we've decided to watch in Transformers 3.
i'm with Hacinth, Hazel and Charlie.
we're pennyless!
for snacks we bought one cheese ring and Pic-a plus water, mountain dew and c2.

it's my first time in SM Muntinlupa cinema and my first time to watch movie in cinema this year.
it's all my first time to watch a movie in cinema with my bestfriend and truefriend.

      i don't feel watching transformers in cinemas. i think its a waste of money when it's on the market as pirated CDs and DVDs. even more when the film rolled and the first one hour of the movie was boring. haha! but it makes sense though.
i should have pay half of the price. :D

but as the first one hour dissolved.
the movie was just started. when the guns were loaded and the scenes were uplifted by the sounds at the back.
as we admire the animations and story, i am inspired by the editors of the movie. they were good.
and of course the director. they act as seems it was real.

this movie should be in the "501 movies you must see before you die" book.
transformers was not good. it's great! really! i'm speechless.!


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