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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rose, Rose, Rose..

who is she?

who is Rose?
I kept her for how many months and i didn't say anything about Rose.
i was in 2nd year college at ACLC alabang when i met her.

it's my last year in ACLC and it's the start of my connection with rose.
among my friends only Ehloi and McLean met her.
well, who is Rose?
i have an unpublished blog about her. i didn't post it for some other reason.

so here it goes..
I met rose at McDonald's. you see i'm addicted to McDonald's foods, to be more specific "Cheeseburger" and Sundae.
any sundae will do for my tongue. i've tried all the sundaes but i haven't tried any of McFlurry.

Hot Fudge Sundae
Caramel Sundae
Strawberry Sundae
and all the other specialized sundaes.

Rose is the name of the crew in McDonald's at Festival Mall. i didn't asked her name duh. i'm not that kind of person but i saw her name in the receipt. i used to keep the receipt of my sundaes. it happened to be that i checked my wallet and look at those receipt to check how much i spend in sundae only. guess what. without me knowing she's always the one in charge when i buy some.

and one day i ate at the McDonald's again. and this time i ordered Chicken McDo(if i'm not mistaken). then i saw her.

"ui".. she smile.
sbe ko "ui" sabay ngiti.
(cool, she recognized me.)

i was amazed! amazed! really amazed, even though i'm alone i ate my food with a smile.
and few months later after graduation. things changed. minsan nlng ako nagmMcdo.
then just last week. i went in the mall and buy sundae. she's in charge.

"sir, antagal nating nawala ah"
"ha?, oo nga e. hahaha! busy."

then there you have it. 
si Rose. :))

*take note: i'm not inlove with her*

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