Englo Enhancement (Aug.24, 2011)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

finally! all the pictures in our play is on the web!
that's our final grade, so we need to perform very well. :)

who will be on the hot seat?

so, i'm going to start with what happened last Aug.22.
if you would recall my 300th blog spectacular! there's a line in that post saying "i just came home from makati".
that's our practice and i didn't make it because it rained hard and i don't have any umbrella.

so i'm stuck at buendia bridge. (idk what's the name..)
wet and shivering.

to make the long story short, i didn't attend any of our practice. then the judgement day came, 
while the other groups gets weaker and weaker every minute because of anxiety , here we are:
BORED and RELAX in our classroom.

oh! its a talk show! 
we saw different performers and performance! we're the last to perform..
so we wait until the night came.. but before we stepped in to the stage, we saw our professor crying in disappointment.
Tragie on his album. the interview is much LOL

handmime :)

Baby Boy hotdog.xD

the audiences and the performers. :)

Tragie promoting his debut album

by popular demand, try  the new tuna hotdog. XD
the most funniest commercial in the history of Englo. hahaha
the richest man interview (that's me! haha!)
i thank God for the 100 score given by our professor.
and oh! the wedding, i almost forgot:

Engl03 - 1st trimester - 2011

si crush! haha! kay landi. tsk.

Never Give up

I am God's Original Masterpiece
I am God's workmanship

i Believe, Love and Obey God.
Jabes belongs to Jesus. :)

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