Family Day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

yesterday is family day. kkb movement shares it to their fellow kkbs asking them on what's their plan for the day.
plans? i have no plans. no plans! XD

so what happen yesterday during family day in your house?
its a normal day, not to mention my cough and fever, and the official announcement of my parents involving my studies, that  is for the next three months you should call me house boy. but i'm looking forward to work in a home-based job.

everything flows like it seems to be.
until our internet cafe closed for the day, and my brother starts sharing.
our nights became longer than before. we laugh (that laugh attacked my lungs, cough) and share different memories of the past. it's a great seconds of our lives. i love my family. for it is the family God has given me.

imperfections of a family is normal.
fights and other negative things about family is normal. yes they are!
but you can't remove the love you have for them even if they disappoint and feel like they dragging you down. 

i thing that we've never done that night and i think it's the most important. we never prayed.
but i prayed for them.

a prayer with love. :)
that night last until 1:30am something. :)

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