God's Faith tester

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

have you ever felt that feeling when your faith is being tested?

i know i'm under God's Faith Tester, how do i know?
he's testing me on how far can i go, where is the dead end line of this faith i have.. I'm having personal difficulties right now as well as my family.
and being in that same old table of problems, i used to ask God why..
i ask God, why is this happening to us?

Kulang pa ba? naglilingkod naman ako sa'Yo di ba? ba't ganito? bakit?

i asked Him why without knowing who am i talking to.
and worse, who am i to ask Him.

wala naman ako maipagmamalaki o maisusumbat sa Kanya.
sino ba ako?

but that tear us apart, piece by piece, one part after another..
and when the people around me were being blessed and when their prayer is being answered i sometimes think, why them? how about me? when will i experience those things, those answered prayers? and it sometimes takes me to the lid of my faith jar 'cause most of the time i'm lacking in faith.

when it seems hopeless..
i'm holding on to Romans 8:28.. and John 9:3b
nakakaiyak pa lang maipit sa problema. S'ya lang talaga ang pwedeng kapitan. i know God moves in mysterious ways for His thoughts are higher than mine.

who is He that even winds and waves obey Him Matt. 8:27
He said Jeremiah 33:3 and Jeremiah 29:11
maybe i don't know my God that much..
i never even thought about who created the universe and everything on it.

i once, twice, thrice imagine what God is like..
but i failed, the only way to see what God is like is to KNOW HIM. 

so, why doubt?

this trial is removing a dust-like foundation of faith that the wind can blow away easily and yet building a stronger foundation in a rock.


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