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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the google + Project is now available to everyone, all you have to do is to register at and add me in your circles.

the first time i heard google plus, "wow"
google is dominating the web, even the social media, and that day on i start waiting for invites from the few chosen users. i search on the release date and ask them for invites.

then finally i found one, and i invite my closest friends so that i'm not the only one who can enjoy google plus. Hands down upon the maker of Google plus, they never meet my expectation because their idea is greater than mine. i want to work in Google. :|

this is my profile.

this is the features of google plus:

Home - everyone knows home right? hahaha!
Photos - everyone knows photos right? XD
Profile - everyone knows profile right? :D
Circles - circles is your friends.. what? i guess that it came from the sentence "circle of friends", circle of your friends, here you can manage into groups your friends.. friends from school, your best pals, your prayer partner, your business partner. it's up to you how you will manage your circle of friends. ;)
Games - of course games!

chat is also in google +
plus 1 - plus 1 is the like button in facebook, you can also use plus 1 in different website to be added into your account.
Hangout - this is the video chat, group video chat. you should try this.
Sparks - is everything you like to have news about so that you will never get bored staying in google plus.

there are lots of features not included here, the best thing to know it is to explore google plus! 

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google plus ♥

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