Sunday, September 25, 2011

i would like to end this day with a post.

this day starts in the church, most of happenings start at church.
so i feel blessings and favor. ako pa nga pla 'yung nagexhort sa Tithes and Offering kanina. then, puntang southville para sa mga bata for sunday school.
then kila dave, my pinapaayos kase xa..
tapos balik church, tapusan kase ng reportings.

nakahiram pa ko ng book kay cathy!
at nung pag-uwi ko, agad akong nagfacebook at nagpuntang kwarto para mabasa yung libro.for parents pala yun to understand teen's love language. although it's for parents binasa ko pa din. my nilaktawan lang na ilang chapters.


then, just now, i have a conversation with my mom and dad and my brother Israel.we discuss issues in our home. but dont take this far beyond what you think home is but i don't feel like i'm home.
anger hangs on the ceiling. hatred streams on our beds. :(
i don't know. 

sabe ko nga sa isa sa mga tunay kong kaibigan "my life is full of IDKs now"
i don't know..

i spread the words that i learned from the book and the preaching earlier. it seems ineffective. i don't know what's wrong. i tried to speak gently but their words are so offensive that strikes into the heart.
it appears like they know everything. i don't know about them but.. i'm sick and tired.

i don't know what to do.
i don't know how to talk.
and as we talk moments ago.. i have this thinking that i should now accept what they're saying and just shut up.i believe I've blown them away. why on earth kase naman! they don't accept their mistakes and they only seen your's.
i told myself that if 1 mistake will happen tonight. their gonna explode. 

the mistake came..
the volcano erupted..

i don't know!
i'm tired. one more thing. my class is on going for about two weeks now.
still haven't enrolled. they're still waiting for the money that failed us many times. i'm so tired. i rather choose working than studying anymore, why? SPELL SUMBAT!

i don't know. :(
Lord, i don't know.. i know you know it. help me Lord Jesus.

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