Last September

Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh! September palang ha?
aanung pinag-sasasabi ko?

what i really mean is Last year's September. i just read my entries last year with this same month. i noticed that mostly of my post were related to school and friendship. at 'yung mga ka-emohan ko nuon ay nakakatawa nlng ngayon. hahaha!

but i find it interesting, i find those blogs interesting. i never thought that i wrote that all. inspired? another thing that i noticed is.. when i look back, i'm totally different. my posts before and now were entirely different, duh?! of course it does.. haha! what i mean is the topics and the emotions were different. the ambiance of the past were sad and negative and full of hurt and pain and everything but now, well, of course it has pain and hurt and everything but not that much..

the primary reason why i read my entries last year in this month is because i want to beat my record in September regarding in posts and also for the whole 2010.

to end this kakanta ako:


Never Give up

I am God's Original Masterpiece
I am God's workmanship

i Believe, Love and Obey God.
Jabes belongs to Jesus. :)

*status update: currently setting up my newly format PC*

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