A vision

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm not sure if this is a vision, it can be an imagination, but i just want to share this. it happened last Saturday.
Bro. Mike starts our training with WORSHIP (like we've always do), i don't remember whose beside me 'cause I'm in worship but my eyes were open at the start, looking at the old JAM/VIA Bulletin board.. 

then when i closed my eyes..
humming the acoustic shadow of worship to God..
it seems like my soul went out of my body.

i see the sky..
i'm floating up to the galaxy..
i went out of the earth's atmosphere..
and i start being amazed by the power of God's creation.. and God himself.

and there am i in Heaven. seeing Angels and God's faithful servants.
i saw Him, i never really expect that He will welcome me in that place personally. maybe i misunderstood Matt. 25:21 which says "'Well done, good and faithful servant!"He hugged me.. not just hugged.. He embraced me TIGHTLY!i saw this photo from Google, it's almost the same scene i saw in our practice.

just add golden gate, gold palace and non-explainable beauty of Heavenly things.i can see the earth from there. then i hear a creepy voice that inputs fear in my heart.. He said "he's a sinner, he don't deserve to be there.." 
the clouds in where i stand broke wide open.. 'causing me to fall.. i can't see the earth now but i see spooky-wet, red and disgusting image of Hell.. but before i fell down, Jesus catch my hand.. He said "NO! I paid for his sin"..  He took me from falling but Hell is still open.. and as He hug me again i saw blood fell down from Him down to Hell and it closes down..

worship were still flowing as i come back to my body.
and begin to talk to God. i keep on thanking Him..

He paid for my sins with His own blood. 
He loves me so much.. He love us so much.


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