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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26.

i woke up late! when i say late, it means 11:00 to 1pm. i slept last night around 3am, playing and doing and browsing some stuffs. hazel went here in our home around 3.30pm to do the invitation design and tarpaulin and videos.. charlie, denise and hannah were also here kanina.. the invitation is for Hannah Joy's debut on Nov.12 but the celebration will be on Nov.7.

Joy treat us Pancit Canton, hazel and denise bought their own fried chicken, charlie bought bread.. and me? i ate with them, good thing i have this kind of pals. we had fun in photoshop, sharing our thoughts for the design with kalokohan at kakulitan.

they went home around 8pm.

Forgive and 
Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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