Monday, October 31, 2011

I've been reading a book called touch the world through prayer, it emphasize the power of prayer, i'm on the topic prayer burden.

last Saturday, we have our practice for the 2000 Dancers, after the practice hacinth asked me if i'm still on fasting, she have her prayer request.. blessing from God in her board exam. it's the anniversary of wiltime bigtime. I'm watching the show when God gave me a prayer burden

I don't know what to do at first, i know it's a prayer burden. i read it in the book. so i went to my room and locked the door. i intercede, i prayed and prayed for her. and the burden vanished away but God speaks to me on this coming Friday, before she went home or in the middle of the anniversary, i should pray for her.

JIL @ 33
hacinth, has her board examination on saturday and sunday, so she needs to go home early. hinatid ko sya hanggang sakayan.. along the way, she's sharing stories (like she always do), and at the right moment i told her that we should search for a place. so we searched for it and sit on it. she already sense na ipagppray ko sya.

we declare God's Word and Promises upon opening the prayer. we lay down our request, especially wisdom and knowledge about hacinth's board exam and sealed it by the blood of Jesus and declare VICTORY!

as i open my eyes i saw my besprend wiping out her tears. napapaiyak din tuloy ako. alam mo yun? yung iyak na nakangiti ka, teary eyes. different feeling.. after she said her words about her experiences. she decided to go home.. pagkatayo namen sa aming inuupuan.. sabe ko sa kanya "payakap nga!", its the first time i ask my very own besprend for a hug, and as far as i remember its the first time that i hugged her, and i know in myself that it was my first time i ask someone for a hug!

marami-rami din kameng napag-usapan habang hinahatid ko s'ya sa sakayan. marami kameng nadaanang scenes sa kalye, at sa pagdating namen sa sakayan, nagpaalam at muling sya'y niyakap.. "God Bless!" ang huling kong sinabe sa kanya nung gabing yun.

at maya-maya natuwa naman ako sa text nia: "JEBS, besprend talaga kita.."
at nagpapalibre pa na parang baliktad pa.. :) 

'di ko na matandaan 'yung iba nameng napag-usapan, all i remember is, that's a night worth remembering.

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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