Thursday, October 06, 2011

i want to experience the flames again. :|

yesterday i went inside my prayer closet. drawing back to the presence of the Lord 'cause i know in myself that I'm far away from God but i also knew that He never leave me nor forsake me. i lay my anxious thoughts and all the sins and the roots of all the sins i have in my conversation with Jesus. i just want to be GOOD as NEW for His glory. i feel bad, very bad on myself this past few days. i can call it Godlessness days. i don't even pray those nights or even mentioning "JESUS". i disobey my parents, hated my brothers and lie.

i made an oath in my prayer.
i will never join activities in church without asking God for it, for His blessings.

i was hurt badly when i went out my room.. i talked to my dad and went back to my room again after he threw those bladed word right into my face.i didn't do anything but to think. lights were out. only the lights of my eyes shine as it reflects to the streetlight outside. but i know it hurts Him more than i do. :(

let the flames begin.
forgive me Lord.
i love You. :D

live - love - forgive - Never give up


sebajisoka :)

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