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Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 8 - 14, 2011

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
this is one of the memorable week for me.. why? don't ask me. ask them..XD

Saturday, October 8
here's the link why. click me!

Sunday, October 9
why? of course, it's Sunday and it's not your typical ordinary Sunday. it's an Extra-ordinary SUNDAY! 

no southville for today but we have School of Leaders seminar with Kuya Joel. i love listening to him, his wisdom and knowledge about God is being transferred to us and i love those trivias and "Did you know?" questions from him. He always make us think. and later say "oo nga nu?", "ang galing" at "ganun pala yun."

and later on, we went to southville for follow up.. and went to starmall to eat.. pizza and pancit and hopia.. it was good. what a day. i love this family..

Monday, October 10
now, click this one.

Tuesday, October 11
it's the second day of livelihood seminar from iCare and today is the actual hands on. we create Clorox and Dish washing Liquid. before 5pm everything is well set up and the training was over. and I today i feel good rather than yesterday, because I'm not the only youth in the place. den-den was there.. and later on Grace came in but she came because there's a prayer meeting. 

and the funny thing about that night?
before Prayer meeting starts, the three of us went outside to buy kwek-kwek but after eating it we're still starving so i suggest that we should buy siomai or mami. they chose siomai, and we went to Mighty Mart, because that's the only place we know that there's a siomai available, and we didn't buy. you don't wanna know why. we rush back to Norfil but we saw mami and we didn't buy again. 'cause it's getting late. baka hinahanap na daw kame sa Church.

in prayer meeting, we sang songs and pray. then, ptra. Siony asked us to continue the sentence.. "God is great because" each of us were asked. there's amazement in every testimony, the emotion, the God-given joy in our hearts.

"Wag mong sayangin
ang tagalay mong kapangyarihan
wag mong mamaliitin ang Diyos mapagtagumpay

Tayo ay di magagapi
tayo ay laging magwawagi
sa Pangalan ni Hesus
ating haring manunubos"

-Victory namen.. :)

Wednesday, October 12
3rd Day of livelihood program held in church.
we create hand liquid soap and air freshener. it's only me and denise were in the place, we bought foods like pancit and bread. (as usual)  but we never really ate it right away. we waited for grace. she said that she'll be coming over in church from school. so we wait for her..

as she arrived, we ate all that has left by Ptra and the elders.
oh. before we buy foods and eat.. the seminar or training is already finish.

we ate pancit and talk as much as we can then, denise teach us how to dougie i mean she taught us ganchillo that i can't understand at all.

Thursday, October 13
we start new set for the livelihood program.. about foods. :)
it's an orientation first.

den-den, offer me a book that is worth reading, it's about writing. 
charlie went in and den-den went out...
we went home early today for some reason that i can't explain and when i say goodbye to everyone and rode a jeepney. i forgot my cellphone in the stage.. shocks. so i went back.. nasa McDo na ko nun e. tapos.. kinuha ko yung phone. XD

Friday, October 14
as i arrived in the church, there was charlie and den-den..
i talk to charlie and kuya omeng.. and we laugh above almost everything, because the teacher was late..
while the others were being busy and chattering about life and i guess everything just like us.

i noticed the sunshine yellow shirts.. they are not less than 5 persons..
it seems like it was a campaign. what the LOL. XD

at 4:30pm charlie went to school..
i help the attendees clean the mess they've created as charlie goes to his school.then kuya ecko told me that i should not go home yet.
so i stayed, i talk to den-den while she's making report daw. and we also wait for grace. and when kuya ecko rode a jeepney.. grace came. we went to Mami-han to eat. and went to ministop and ate ice cream.. dejavu? 

hahaha! what a week.
di ko na isasama yung kanina.. :))

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