Jesus Is Lord Church launches News Desk

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesus Is Lord Church launches News Desk. The Jesus Is Lord Church calls for writers and photographer s for the orientation and training at Youth Center last Monday, October 10. They will be a part of News desk in the coming Jesus Is Lord Church 33rd Anniversary this coming October 28, 2011 that will be held in Luneta.  Trainer for writing is the GMA News senior Desk Editor, Dyun Perdigon.

He discussed different assignments for the volunteers and there will be a person in charge in every assignment to avoid duplication of reports. He also defines journalism basically as story telling based on real thing or facts not on assumption.  “Writers na tayo, hindi na tayo simpleng attendee dun.” Mr. Perdigon said, in order to warn the volunteers to be open-minded and be serious in the field of journalism/reporting. Writers should be observant and looks for different prospective for every reports and it should be answerable by what, when, where, why, who and how.

In cooperation with MIS, every repots will be posted on the Jesus Is Lord church website ( and on social Medias to update those who can’t attend the said event.

 - this is my assignment given by Sir Dyun Perdigon. ngayon ko lang narealize na ang hirap mag-isip ng words for reports. saket sa ulo men. i just passed this report to him, di ko pa alam kung pasado. (muka namang hindi. XD)

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