KKB: Prayer Gathering

Thursday, October 06, 2011

there's a prayer gathering happened today in the church. i want to share this because this is quite different. haha!
if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that there's a prayer gathering in our church without an elder's presence. (this year) or i just don't remember anything. XD

Hacinth told me that she will entrust that gathering to me. at start i was like "k, fine.. what's the worst thing that can happen?" so i agreed. but it came up into my mind that we are the host for that night. so the responsibility will be upon us, the kkbs. i start thinking then. hahaha!

I'm expecting that the gathering will be just like in prayer meeting.. someone will pray, will preach, will share and everything.. but when i walk in the gate of our church, i see no light in the 3rd floor, the light in is the stairs. i wonder why. 'cause as much as i remember the bible says that the Christian should be the light of the world.. but there's no light up there, maybe it means that there's no Christian there.

then Denise texted me, she said that they are in the church. so i went up. and guess what! they are in the stairs. :D
Charmane, Denise and I waited for the church to be open. the church were close, Day off daw ni kuya Ecko. then the time is running. we should start. i told them that we'll just wait for Grace then we'll be starting.

as grace arrived, the caretaker or the guard or whoever he is told us that we should wait for kuya ecko downstairs 'cause he will be closing the main power supply. so we went outside and start sharing different thoughts and views. and start praying. dahil daw ako ang nag-iisang lalake. they start voting na ako na daw ang magpray. ako daw kase ang sinabihan ni hacinth. 

we prayed in unity. the gathering was just like that.. after we prayed, charmane went to her friend, they supposed to meet earlier, but because of the gathering she sacrifice. so she left right after. 
but our kadaldalan never stopped..

Denise share different knowledge about her hobbies and interest.
Grace share about a glimpse of "Lord change me" prayer.
and i?, just humming what they say. 

it's different day!
after we shared.. we walked to eat MAMI and never stop sharing while eating then went to Ministop and ate Sundae..
and we shared.. full of smiles and closeness. define FUN! :))

sayang wolang picture. haha!

HAPPY day! He WASHED my sins AWAY!

live - love - forgive - Never give up


sebajisoka :)

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