Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In a Breaking Prophetic Message given to Bro. Sadhu last August 20, 2011, God said, “A NEW BEGINNING IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE THIS SEPTEMBER when the New Year of the Jews begins (Rosh Hashanah, sundown of September 28, 2011). The entire world is going to enter into a NEW SEASON or era. Beginning on Yom Kippur Day, October 8 of 2011, a NEW SEASON, the FINAL DISPENSATION FOR THE END-TIMES will begin. ”

Call to sanctify a fast in the church

The 10 days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, Sept. 28 – Oct. 8, 2011, are very important days. The Lord is calling the Church to sanctify a fast in the church and pray, to earnestly seek His face like we have never done before, to set aside our agenda and plans and separate ourselves unto the Lord. This is a turning point year and time in the timetable of God for the Church to usher us into the New Season, His Final Dispensation. 

After Yom Kippur which will be on October 8, the Church will enter a new season like she has never seen in the entire church history. It will be the beginning of a new dispensation or season, the Final Dispensation for the End-times before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus. What will the Church (which can be an individual, a family, ministry, church) experience in this Final Dispensation?

1) A new and unprecedented level of signs and wonders in the Church (healings, raising the dead)
2) The Church will take on a new identity. No longer looked down by the world
3) Great increase in revelation knowledge of God and the things of God
4) Great harvest of souls (they will come to the churches)
5) Spiritual realm will become very visible to believers (will see angels and the Lord Jesus)
6) A prophetic company will rise (children, young people, old men and women, the servants of God.

All churches that are open to the Holy Spirit will experience God’s resurrection power to demonstrate and manifest the living Christ. 

~ i just copy and paste it here..
last Saturday was the culmination of the prayer and fasting for the sanctification of the Church.
we went to Bunlo, Bocaue, Bulacan.. in the prayer garden.

I'm with the leaders of different ministries and 3 KKBs which is Charlie, Denise and Grace.
everyone has its representative in the prayer, from Men, Women, YAM, KKB, Children, Philippines to Church.
we prayed for sanctification. Ptr. Emil Galang Prayed for the KKBs.. he asked us to went in the front of the stage and bow down in repentance. we ask for God's forgiveness in the last season.

after all the prayers.. Bro Eddie talks to us again.. Heart to Heart..
He discuss issues that is happening on the church. inside the church.. that because of immorality and different sins, God's plan and outpouring blessing for the church is being delayed.
that's the first time i saw bro.eddie be angry.. a holy anger. He hit the pulpit because of anger.
and I'm guilty. need to live a HOLY LIFE for my God is HOLY and He called us to be a part of SOMETHING HOLY.
i know it's pretty much difficult to be holy but i know i can through Christ Jesus. :)

it's great to live in this new year. in this new season knowing that God forgive me from my past sins and i am now free from it. thank God. :))

Sanctify us Lord

Live - Love
Forgive - Never Give up



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