Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy birthday tine! haha! late no?. oks lang yun, hahaha! busy kase eh. tska di ko alam gagawin kong pagbati.

pagppray kita.. ayun kase ang kaisa-isa kong kayang gawin eh. :)

i thank God for you, for your life.
and i pray for God's blessing will always upon you, God's Favor will always be with you.
i pray for unlimited provision in every aspect of your life.
i pray that God will use you mightily for His glory, one day.
i pray that you'll meet the perfect plan of God to you.
i pray that God will give you the desires of your heart.

and Lord, never let her go.. give her what's the best for her. preserve her life according to your purpose.
show her great things You stored for her. protect her, surround her with your great LOVE!


my message?
Continue to serve the Lord. kung may church kana, good! 
but if wala pa, just pray for it, and ministry is not the limit of serving Him. always be careful, especially when whispering. (anlabo) be inspired and be an inspiration.
always seek God. and always remember, if you need a friend, He's always there.. and you can call me too.

God bless you.
Happy Birthday! (PS: you can celebrate your birthday when you come back here in the Philippines, just inform us)
God bless you men, thanks for everything, thanks for always listening. :)

-Jabes :)

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