we're gonna dance, dance, dance in the FREEDOM WE KNOW!

Friday, October 21, 2011


9 in the morning, i'm in Sis. Evelyn's house, she told me that her PC crash, to fix it, i went in her house.. what happen there is just amazing.. maybe that's one of mighty works of God, every night i pray that God will bless the works of my hands and people will be bless through me for His glory.
ate evelyn told me that her PC freeze at start up with the message "Hard disk not found" but as i open their PC, its working.. so what's amazing with that?
i remember when I'm in Ptr.Orly's home, they have the same problem in their PC but as i open their PC, it's working.. no problem occur..

it's amazing right? :)
Thank God for His Blessings. :)

then another livelihood program in church..
i went in late and i never joined them this time but their still letting me as a part of their group. 

there's a practice for the dancers in the much awaited anniversary of Jesus Is Lord Church.. this time, dancing is not an issue anymore for me. i build confidence. someone said "everyone can dance but not everyone can perform" for me I dance not to perform but to worship. I'm not that good (or not good at all) in dancing but it's for God and i think that's a good thing.

Hacinth and Jasmin came..
so i talked to them.. we chatted, and call for the non-understandable operator at McDonald's, they ordered Chicken fillet and Cheeseburger. then charlie and hazel came.. and so the rest..

we start grooving, we laugh and start being dizzy with the steps that we can't seems to learn. nothing compares to the joy given by God to His servants. our sweats overflows as well as the laugh tanks in our tummies.

we practice in our church but later outside.
then before we went home, we eat proben and later at mini-stop.

Forgive and 
Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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