Adam and Eve

Thursday, November 10, 2011

sometimes i close my eyes in silence and start looking from afar. thoughts are rushing inside my head as i wait for nothing. it seems like i'm in a movie, talking to myself inside of me, i start being sad right now for the reason of unworthiness, is this the impact to me for being single all this years? i have no heavy feelings for anyone nor i'm in love.

i just feel empty, a part of me is totally empty. maybe its an unending journey as i search for it.

i was talking to my best friends last Wednesday (11.02.2011) when i realized something, well, He was struggling with his relationship with his girlfriend then me and my best friend gave him advice.

i saw a picture of Adam and Eve.
God created adan and while adam is busy doing the will of God and the ministry God entrusted to him (that is naming animals, taking care of the garden of eden) God saw a need.. so when adam sleeps He took a flesh from Adam and He created eve and eve wait for adam to woke up.

what i see:
for guys, do the will of God. darating sya.
for girls, God will lead you to the guys. and when God finally direct you to the right one, don't wake them up when they are sleeping. wait him to woke up by himself.

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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