freaking UNKNOWN

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the very first reason why i named it unknown
basically i don't want any exposure of YOU in ME
maybe for interactive disaster of social things 
i would never explain anything but the pain

the pain of knowing the unknown truth through the use of pain killers of life
i want to know the deep emotion you have there, maybe inside but in outside as well, i don't want to be kicked out in your life nor overtakes me from running with you, making face is my weapon to hide the obvious emotion flowing from within

do i really have to suffer from this kind of break down?
do i really have to experience this?
knowing my place in your heart is what i call treasure but knowing that you have a specially made room in that heart is beyond any Gold and Silver.

but blah blah and pfff makes me feel worth the pain and to start drifting into heart welcoming scenes

what can i do to make myself OKAY?
good thing i found someone who makes me smile at the end of the DAY.

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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