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October 28, 2011
(Draft as of October 29, 2011)

i woke up around 8am, too, much, very excited about the anniversary. it's my first time to be a part of the TEAM ('yung dance ministry ng JIL Church Worldwide), me and my brother Israel, prepared all we need for this day, including Aries Anduyo and Kemuel.

we're headed to church when Israel remind us to go into dave's home. in thier house, they're all preparing for the foods and everything, while waiting for dave, Yvonne gave me a tour in their subdivision. she introduce me to the playground, swimming pool and the barking dog that is on our way. dave search for us after being gone in minutes and then we carried some foods of dave, they went to buy pizza, and others went to church including me.

in church, there i found denise, charlie and grace. we had a little talk about uniform then we rode in the second bus.
other KKBs start arriving and coming in.. sa KKBs di namen kasama sa bus sila Bryan, Cathy, Aries, isa sa Lanto Bros, Jasmin at Hacinth. dun ako sa 3 seats nakaupo.. alone, at later on, Grace seat with me, walang mashadong ingay sa bus ngayon. nag-eexpect pa naman ako ng GREAT ingay.

Luneta, 2pm
we went out the bus before the fall of 2pm, there was hacinth waiting for us. i search for the booth of KKB and KKB webradio upon entering the park, i say goodbye and see you later to KKB muntinlupa, nagcommit kase ako sa KKB Web Radio Booth. at pagdating ko dun, wala pa yung ibang volunteers so i went to the stage to find my beloved KKBs.

the security in the place is so high, checking of bags, belts and everything. to make sure there's no violence can happen in the area. as we enter the wing, we search for better seat and when we finally found one i went right into the backstage to change clothes.

while everyone were chattering, i hear an announcement, they're calling the attention of Media Revamp, magpunta na daw sa booth. so again, i say my goodbye and see you later remarks. while I'm on my way to the booth, i saw Faith and Marjorie holding fliers of kkb web radio.

and that's our assignment to alarm the crowd, specially the youths that there's an online christian radio station here in the Philippines.. sayang, di ako nabigyan ng All access ID ng Media Revamp. but before kame humayo, tumambay kame sa open studio ng Media Revamp's KKB Web Radio project. 

KKB Media Revamp TEAM!

and i went back to stage, isipin nio nlng kung gano kalayo ang kalabaw sa stage. saket sa paa. iba-iba katabi ko dun, pero di pa nag-sstart ang Anniversary celebration kung kaya't ito ang kaganapan:


prophetic gesture, blowing of horns
Intermission number

TESDA Director General, Secretary Joel Villanueva and his wife and his miracle baby
Launching of God Bless the Philippines (pray a simple God bless the Philippines at 12nn) 

"The youth of today are the army of the Lord tomorrow." - Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

super cool shadow dance. shadow dance ba tawag diyan??

ang saya, lalo na yung victory.
kakaiba din ang prayer partner ko ngayon, dahil hindi si charlie.. si christelle.. 
tapos imagine mo nalng 'yung left and right wing nawalan ng tao. bakit? ayun bumaba lahat kase pumunta sa kalye at dun nagsasasayaw. sinabayan namin ang mga nagttambourine, nakigulo at nakisaya sa bawat isang nasa lugar ang worship leader kase dun ay ang original na worship leaders nung Aurollo Days, di ko sila kilala pero sa Aurollo kase dun nagsimula ang miraculous growth ng JIL.

we dance in the FREEDOM we KNOW!
we become even more UNDIGNIFIED!

may kalumaan lang yung songs pero the anointing at ang joy from God ay nandun pa din. nakakatuwa pa kahit na naghahabol kame ng hininga walang natigil sa pagtalon at pagsigaw. eto pa.. 'yung sinasabe kong left and right wing nagpunta sa gitna ng kalye at NAGSALUBONG! nakakatuwa! kala ko magkaka-stampede na eh.

at syempre bumalik kame sa upuan namen sa right wing at sinalubong sina Charlie at Bryan na naiwan. o kaysaya! eto pa, kakantahin ko: "He taught me how to praise Him, He taught me how to sing His songs, He taught me how to LOVE" at kung alam mo ang steps dito, maghahanap kang partner at magyayakapan kayo. diba? kahit na pawisan sa pagsayaw walang nakapigil samen na magyakapan! una kong niyakap sila grace, christelle at den-den tapos nakita ko si MJ, sya naman tapos sila cathy, inda.. sila aries.. grabe talaga men.

He is GREAT! the joy in our hearts is OUTPOURING until now.
with Grace.

Kuya JR

Dancers :))

sila sila!

i love this shor. ;)

after the anniversary. :)

grace :)


christelle and I

Aries and I

besprend :)


wee! :)

Bro. ;)

hannah! :)


yes we are :)

ate Jane, kuya marlon, ate joanne.. then denise at ako




eszpren. :)

we and us.
blessed day! :))

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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