Job Search

Saturday, November 19, 2011

starting last Monday. Hacinth, Denise, Grace and I searched for a job.
Job searching is the easiest in working, what is hard in working is to be hired.
we tried AMDATEX then, hacinth passed the examination while denise passed the interview at savemore.
i waited for hacinth 'til she finish all the interview. i spend lots of time in the mall and hours later Grace came (good thing i have company.) we waited for hacinth and denise in the food court, they are both hired and needed to pass their requirements as soon as possible. 

i went to ortigas the other day, first on my own.
i apply as a Technical Support Representative, i passed the first 2 interview but i didn't continue for the last. My head starts rolling around, so after i ate at Jolibee, i went home, and i slept in the bus which i do not do alone. i felt like i can't go home while walking to the station. buff! XD

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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