The Room

Monday, November 21, 2011

if you read Joshua Harris' THE ROOM! you already know this.
the last time that i went to Starmall i went in a bookstore, the Philippine Christian Bookstore or PCBS, i'm always there when i was schooling. i browse different books.. then a title snatch my attention, i saw Joshua Harris' The Room. i read it.. a song played on the background.. i knew the song, it was Heart of Worship.. i want to cry that very moment as i read The Room.

now, i want to write down The Room of Joshua Harris in my own words. i just want to make it personal.
i do not own this. it's from Joshua Harris. :)

The ROOM..

i woke up lying in a dark room.. curiously tamed to the files around me. i look to my left and saw seemingly endless as well as i look into my right, out of curiosity in silence, draw near to a wall of files that hooked my attention. it has a caption "Girls i have liked", i pull the drawer out and begun flipping index cards.. i immediately shut it back as i realize that i knew everyone written in every index card.

I knew where i am, this is where everything kept, every thoughts, every emotions and every record in my life, i can't even remember most of it. here in lifeless room, i keep browsing over the files, one after another.. "Song I've Listened to", "Jokes I Laugh at", "Done in Anger", "Things I utter on my Enemies", "Blogs I've read", "Movies I've watched", "Lies I've Told", "best friends", "friends i betrayed", "rumors I've told", "Done in Danger", "Siblings Rivalry".

"this can't be true" i said but those index cards, those files were written in my own handwriting and each signed by my own signature. the "Songs I've Listened to" cabinet, were so full and as i open it, i realized that it they're not good quality music. i found "Lustful Thoughts", i feel a chill around me. i draw out the drawer and start picking index cards, every detail was written. i was like a raging animal as try to broke the cabinet, but suddenly it always came back to its right place. I was helpless, and on the other side I saw a Title called "I Shared the Gospel with", i came right next to it expecting what I'm expecting and as i open it, its almost empty.

I feel the shame over me, how come i called myself a Christian? I fell down to cry. no one seems to hear me in that  room. it tears me up inside out after knowing those things. as i sob, i saw Him entered the room.

please, not Him
Anyone but Him.
not here.

He opens every file, reads every index card. do He have to do this? I saw sorrow on His face, deeper than mine. Finally He looked at me from the other side of the room, i saw pity from His face, i dropped my head down and cry even more. Jesus walked right in front of me, He cried with me while He wrapped His arms around me and said nothing, and He stood up. i looked at Him. 

He went back to the files start wiping my name out and replacing it with His own. I said "NO", then i pulled the cards from Him, His name shouldn't be there. but as i looked in the index card, my name was replaced in His own, and it was written with His blood. He took the card from me and smile. He did the same into all the files, I'm not sure how He did it quickly and then, He put His hand on my shoulder and whispered "it is done"..

He led me out of the room and close the door, but it has no lock, for there are still files to be written.

*Again credits to Joshua Harris for this, i only rewrite this, so i can feel it personally. :)
*Thank You Lord for Joshua Harris.
*Thank You Lord for this message. 

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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