things that's not meant for me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

assumption flows like a river from a falls, asking God why everything seems undefined and depressing.

is this a part of His plan?

one day, i was praying for something i believe in, no burden, no worries i just believe and start letting everything fall in the right place where i planned to. as time goes, everything goes so well and no hurries until it came to a time that i need to feel the REAL RIGHT feeling that wasn't part of my plan.

I look into my own eyes and start bearing ant bites, yeah it hurts a little. but it still hurts, it still have pain. i don't want to be so obvious, so i let it go, i don't even freak out that time. and i climb up to my heart and start yelling right at its door, i have no idea if the pain will vanish.

i take it lightly, i also find a way out of that scene, good thing someone found one for me. so i went outside my heart and decided to leave it alone, i bet it can survive on his own. its nothing, its just a feeling that can pass by for a day or another.

i know it hurts me, but most people hurt more than i do.
i can do more than I've done in the past if i'm totally dedicated into.
i can call it mild pain. melancholy on the playlist, what's the big deal by the way?

maybe there are things that can be good as it can be, there are also things that's not meant for me. 

"a pain a day keeps me blogging all the way."

Never Give Up

i Believe, Love and Obey God

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