19 (Defining Emptiness)

Friday, December 02, 2011

i don't expect anything. just a little expectation. :)
what makes this day special? aside it was my birthday.. i feel a glimpse of freedom but sadly it was interrupted. i am busy playing games on my PC and TABLET. i thank God for it (early birthday gift).

i ate suman, sopas and tinapay.
i opened my facebook and saw notifications but i ignore it for now to play tetris battle.
i opened my phone and start responding to their greetings.

touched through their messages.
i don't want to mention their names here but their effort and their words. :)
you know yourselves.

*she greet me first and edit a photo of me.
*she edit a photo of me and post it in her tumblr.
*he wants to greet me personally.
*she sends me a text message, she's from the other country.
*she never stop greeting me before my birthday.
*she sends me a prayer for me.
*she gave me a Tee and a Polo plus Pancit for the celebration of mine birthday.
*They treat me in McDonald's.
*They Greeted me the time I woke up.

I went to church in the evening for prayer meeting and Ptra. Siony is expecting me to be there, so i went.. only the KKBs knows that today is my birthday, so they start talking to me and greet me.. Ptra greeted me and announced it in to the attendees, they now start smiling at me and shakes my hand.

its my 3rd time i celebrate birthday in church
in 2009, it was Sunday, they prayed for me. i shared it here. 
in 2010, it was Monday, it was Tithers Thanksgiving Night. i also shared it here
and now, 2011, Prayer Meeting. :)

we ate pancit sponsored by Ptra plus tinapay.
I don't know what would be my day highlights.

the highlight is in the end. while Ptra and the elders prepared the reports, Charlie and Denise and me were having a bonding.
Cathy went home early 'cause its getting late.

we have Ptra Chit's notebook, we have wi-fi connection, we have acoustic guitar, classical guitar and electric guitar, we have same idea, we have voices.
we JAM..search songs on the internet, and play it right away.
here are some of the songs we played and sing:

Jeepney - Spongecola
Kung Wala Ka - Hale
Rainbow - southborder
The Day You Said Goodnight - Hale
Reflector - Planetshakers
Come Holy Spirit - Planetshakers
Like a Fire - Planetshakers
Shekinah Glory
Fire Burns - Jon Owens
The Anthem - Planet Shakers
Never Let me Go - Planetshakers
Wherever You Are
Gitara - Parokya Ni Edgar
Harana - Parokya Ni Edgar
Tell Me Where It Hurts - MYMP
Our God - Chris Tomlin
How Great Is Our God - Chris Tomlin
God is Able - Hillsong

we also wrote a song for God.
then, i received a text from dave, a quotation about TITANIC and FRIENDSHIP.. since we're writing songs.. we wrote one for Him. haha!

goodtimes. a great bonding. :)
thanks be to God for this another year. :)

my phone's profile name is EMPTY. why empty?
it came from Encounter-God Retreat when i heard this line:
the level of your hunger is equal to the level you will be filled up.

i can be half empty or half full.
i choose to be EMPTY at ALL.. in that God can FILL ME UP.
so i can be POURED OUT.

Never Give Up

•Show Me•Grow Me•Hold Me•

I am God's Original Masterpiece.
I am God's Workmanship.
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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