Workers Christmas Party

Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 23, 2011

spell Christmas???

9th day of Pagsambang Gabi.. the KKBs was the host of Praise and Worship that day.. I played the Bass Guitar, Jasmin on Guitar, Joy on Keyboard, Aries on Drums, Hacinth on Back-up, Charlie on Projector and Hazel as the Worship Leader. :)

before Pagsambang Gabi, i went to our church early, so we can practice our DRAMA for CHRISTMAS for our CHRISTMAS PARTY..  Caleb, Joy, Jasmin, Denise and I as the main cast of the story. :)

after Pagsambang Gabi, i feel a relief, its semi-epic fail band. hahaha! because of failures while playing the instruments. i just want to laugh about it. :) 

Christmas Party
        right after the closing prayer, we prepared for the Christmas Party of the workers, they said that we should be grouped. so we are. we won the games! we also lose. hahaha! but the thing is we had fun and enjoy moments of it.

we exchange gifts, send gifts, raffle draw, play the DRAMA. :)
receive gifts.. 

        I brought my Tablet PC, so while the other workers were playing Pinoy Henyo. me, Jasmin and Charlie were playing games. first the word search, the cool and crazy Stupid Game, the brutal Fruit Shoot, Hangman.. 

while we were searching for words in Word Search, Aries, Denise and Cathy join us, and while playing Stupid game, kuya arnold brainstormed with us. it was fun until we played the last game..

pinoy henyo, all the kkbs went in the stage and we start yelling and guessing words, kuya arnold, ate leny, kuya marlon, ate joanne and bro.orly played with us. sobrang saya. sabe nga ng kaibigan ko, may sariling mundo daw kame. kase habang nag-aactivity ung iba, kame rin meron. haha! :)

we went home around 2am. :)

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