A Blinding FLASH BACK!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 is the year of EMPTINESS.
but God never leave me EMPTY, He always fill me up, 'till i pour out. 

I'll close my eyes for a time travel.. for a blinding FLASH BACK..
the great fall out of the past year. :)

My ACLC - Alabang Family, my most wackiest and craziest friends.
and this photo was taken during the foundation day of ACLC where  my Weirdest friend got the first runner up title in Mr. ACLC.. so proud of him. I've never been proud to a friend. :)

this picture was taken before we encounter the one of the most challenging part of our lives. the thesis defense.
we're not nervous, look at our smiles.. haha! :) 
I created this Random Memories Video for my Closest friends and classmates in ACLC - Alabang.

this is where we go when we're on break time in our OJT, Muntinlupa City Hall. :)

of course, i finished my 300 hours OJT. i meet new friends, new companies and experience things about the world.

 the first music video-shoot ever in my life, it was fun and exciting , the video end up with the song Sama- Sama by Letter Day Story.

First Time on MOA with my Mom and Dad, after the graduation, after we eat at McDonalds, after eating Big MaC.

I Climb up the mountain 'til the end of 2nd semester in ACLC, its overwhelming .
i graduated, its a miracle. haha! 

The overnight at Casauay's, as Aries' Birthday and Jasmin's Graduation merged.
its the first part of being close to them.. again. what a night to remember.

The KKBs is growing and growing, because of that, a swimming fellowship and eating fellowship happened.
this is one of the best summers i have.. i met friends and learned to talk to others as well. :)

The Encounter that changed our lives.. the Encounter God Retreat at Tagaytay.
this is an answered prayer for my goal in 2011.. that is to know more about Jesus and to have an intimacy with Him.

God is really Great, after the EGR, the post encounter went in. 

Boot Camp, KKB Youth Summit like experience, but it has a fire that burns in our hearts and flames all over our body.
first time i experience Anointing of Fire.

The First time we share the gospel.. not on Facebook but personally.
nakakakaba but God is with us.

The only photo i have before our conviction came to pass.. to evangelize in Festival mall. we went in with prayer and intercession. :)

I have this crazy dream of being in AMA University. i salute this school for its excellence in Computer Studies..
with God, it became possible.

the ultimate feasting after the 3days fasting, we're in Rivera's.. over night to men. :)

The opening of JIL Southville Outreach.. amazed and stunned because of the kids around. lots of them. whoo! 

March 4 Jesus, a march proclaiming Jesus in our CITY. :)

My First Ministry in KKB Main.. The KKB Media Revamp.. as a writer, researcher, photographer and graphic designer.
thanks be to God for allowing me to be part of this great Ministry that is dedicated to Him. 

The first time I saw a tornado. it was sis. merlyn's birthday.

National Youth Prophetic Conference, a conference for the YOUTH..
one of the most anointed part of this year.
awww.. i miss prophet Sadhu.

The Jesus Is Lord Church Anniversary.
its great to be a part of this huge event for God.. as a Dancer and as a Volunteer at Media Revamp.
thank God for this moment. this is where my prayer burden released :)

Hannah Joy's Debut, the kkbs was the organizer of this day of my friend.
i made the AVP for her.. and do lots of preparation for it. :)
 Love is the Answer. :)

The first KKB Youth Gathering for 2011.
the non-worker kkbs created the frame, what a great youth gathering.
we almost fail but as the will of God follows. well, it is.

The livelihood Program, this is the time, I'm always at church. learning things.. business. :)
and be close to Grace and Denise. :)

Meeting Place.. McDonald's for Youth Gathering right after the graduation of the livelihood program. :)

Christmas Day! from JIL Norfil to Alabang to Barredo's to my Home. :)
great day, great Christmas. :)

Worship Explosion.. where worshipers explode in worship to God. :)

also, first time i shared the Word of God in prayer meeting. and it's was the last Tuesday of the year. its a great privilege. :)

God is still in control of my Life. thank God for 2011!:)

Never Give Up

•Show Me•Grow Me•Hold Me•

I am God's Original Masterpiece.
I am God's Workmanship.
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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