Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 6-7, 2011

so we started the year with a KICK.
we started the year HUNGRY. (you know what i mean, if not keep reading)

the leadership of JIL Church Worldwide declares a Prayer and Fasting starting January 1, I joined them and become hungry. everyday we have this prayer gathering in church, i never missed up. this is the gathering that requires daily bread, for an intimacy with the Lord.

the first seven days is for sanctification, we study about being pure and holy in the sight of God. one day before the culmination of our seven days prayer and fasting, that's Friday. kuya ecko told me that i can sleep in the church that night. I didn't take it seriously, so i laugh and ignore it but kuya ecko told it to pastora, and that's a command. haha! at first I don't like but when Denise came in, she will sleep in the church too.. and I'm looking forward to Grace and Charlie, maybe they'll sleep in the church as well.. but they are not in the church that time, so we have lesser time to inform them.

that night, we went home into our respective temporary homes to take our clothes and everything we need then i came back to church.. we wait for denise to came before we sleep. and as she came, ptra said that she should sleep in kuya ecko's room, she did. while Me and kuya ecko slept beside the denise' room. (formerly kuya ecko's).

i sleep at 12:00mn and i woke up 1:00am and never had a chance to sleep again, i sense it already.. and I can also sense that the church's wi-fi connection is on, I surf the net through my tablet PC and download stuffs while listening to kuya ecko's AM radio.

while reading the bible in my tablet PC, i suddenly saw a shadow rushing in.. denise told me that i should take a bath before anyone else does.. i told her to be the first and while she's taking a bath. i ate my daily bread. :)

before our arrival, we prepare for our foods and packed things up as we wait for others.at the vehicle, i played songs that makes good melody in the road, and while playing and teasing with Hannah Faith.
in Bulacan, we're one of the early birds and seat in the front row.

MIRACLES! there were so much teachings and learnings in that place. so blessed with Ptr. Bobot, Ptr. Joey and Ptra. Vergie. God really anointed them. we cry and be serious about the approaching miracle to us.
we're undeniably blessed in that culmination.

on the way back to Muntinlupa, Ptra warned me about my tablet that should be a blessing not a distraction especially to the kids.. (awww), and as Hannah Faith played in it, denise took my bag and slept in it and i also slept. boom. and when we woke up, we shared Heavenly Things, haha! we shared God's Word and revelation to us.
good times. haha! :))

Never Give Up

•Show Me•Grow Me•Hold Me•

I am God's Original Masterpiece.
I am God's Workmanship.
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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