Monday, February 27, 2012

I was so disappointed. there's this one word which sounded not-so-good sent to me. it was for me, but what can i do for it? promises are so unfulfilled nowadays. and when i talk, who cares? i mean who cares about what I mean, or what am i going to say for them?

the walls have ears. i can feel it. when it comes to situation like that, you're the talk of the town. yeah. you're popular! they just don't feel any pain in any trash talk. they lived that way. but wait.. just to make things clear, I'm not judging them. they told me who they are. I stick to that. that's it. although, I'm not hindering any changes they might change in their journey in life. 

another thing is this weird thing about the situations around me. I see that there's a need. in relationships, way of life, dealing with feelings. but I hope that I'm not a hypocrite. in loving one another, its not appropriate to hate someone. if you see mistakes or things that annoys, you'd rather be on the gossip section rather than correct that thing or that person in a nice way. 

and this observation that keeps me feel uncomfortable with. this unfair relation, unfair manner, unfair situation and unfair treatment. i just cared. why on earth this thing happened? people become so stupid, so crazy being drowned with that situation. i feel dumb when that moment strikes out again.

I'm so loaded with this squeezes.
I tried to talk to individuals, happenings wont allow me and them.
how i wish i could open this up to someone. bah dum tss but i know..

Never Give Up
God's Original Masterpiece.
God's Workmanship.
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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