Friday, March 16, 2012

all of us can be a dreamer. thinking, wishing and visualizing things you want.

Last March 2. we, the KKBs has a free ticket on a Musicale Play called "Dreamer", thanks to Bro. Bandong. I send messages to them regarding the play, who will come and who will not.. there's lot of tickets given away by sir Bandong. too bad only 5 of us came.

I'm disappointed to those people who weren't able to go to the said musical play. they said they will, they took the ticket saying they're sure.. I understand those who messaged me and state their excuse. but for the others. I don't think so. hahaha! its not my lost anyway. not really mad btw. :)

we're late because we don't know how to go there. but totally worth it, totally. I'm so inspired. really. its about Joseph the Dreamer..
if God has a VISION, NOTHING can STOP GOD. 

I want to be a DREAMER.. Dreaming God's DREAM. :)

Never Give Up

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes, God's Original Masterpiece

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